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<InuMeister> The days passed both quickly and slowly. Silver continued to make appearances in Jasmin's chambers, flashing his charming smiles and sliding his slithering words. He should have known better. Of course his advances were met with the usual attitude from her. The main guard Jack became a somewhat permanent resident with her, watching her and not allowing her outside unless she needed to feed. It was nothing personal, as his softening eyes shown. He was in no way particularly hostile. Really, he dreaded the approaching night just as much as she... But there was nothing he could do. Now the night had arrived. The air was somewhat brisk, and dare Silver say sharp with an edge of cold. He pulled his coat more firmly onto himself, boots moving softly against the earth. He did enjoy this park. Even now with the almost completely fat moon lingering in the sky and its white beams washing the place, there seemed to be a peaceful energy inside it. The smell for one was refreshing. He stopped at the fountain at the center, cold eyes sweeping the space. Now where was Dimitri...?
Behind himself, Jack followed with Jasmin in tow. She had been bound, her hands tied behind her back with silver threaded rope. It was enough to irritate at least, and keep her from merely breaking it. Jack held the other end, a hand on her shoulder to carefully guide her where he wished her to go. Now he stopped the two of them, mimicking Silver's movements and looking for the boy. Dread filled his stomach. He hoped somewhere that Dimitri wouldn't show.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin ground her teeth at the bindings. Annoying as it was, it did the job in making her stay put. Her emerald eyes flicked up towards the moon and moved downwards to scan the area around them. She dreaded what would happen if Dimitri actually showed up. Something told her that Silver wasn't going to make this easy for anyone...

The group didn't have to wait long. There was a rustling among the trees, followed by a crack and a small yelp. If the situation had been less dire, Jasmin would have smiled. Dimitri never did do the whole subtle thing very well...
The boy finally stumbled into view. Suffice it to say that he was looking worse for wear. His clothes were rumpled and torn, and there was even a few twigs and leaves stuck in his hair. His eyes had deep circles under them, and the worry within was replaced by a tense fear as his gaze landed on the three waiting for them. "M-Miss Jasmin..." His voice cracked. One hand tugged anxiously on his bandanna, while the other clutched a piece of paper that seemed to have been folded, refolded and crumpled numerous times. "I'm so sorry..."
"You came alone, you silly pup." Jasmin's voice held a soft sort of concerned fondness as she took in Dimitri's disheveled appearance. She really should have been expecting it. He wouldn't want his friends to be more involved then they already were.
Dimitri took a few shaking steps forward. Even in his obvious fear he spoke directly at Silver. "I'm here, just like your note said to..." He held up the by now tattered bit of paper in one fist. "So let Miss Jasmin go home!"

<InuMeister> Silver actually managed a laugh. "What I said in the note? Boy, you have forgotten. I am the last one to have any say on such matters. If I want to change my mind, I do. You're lucky I've decided to keep her alive this long. She might prove useful to keeping you in order. But if you continue to sass me..." He brought a hand up and snapped his fingers. Jack at once tensed, silently grinding his teeth but obeying. His hand was brought up, curling around Jasmin's throat and tightening. It would be easy to kill her this way. Vampire or not, she was alive and needed air. Her throat clenched so, he cut it off. She wouldn't last forever. Silver sighed, shaking his head. "Such a shame to have her killed. She had such potential." He turned, eying Dimitri. "But perhaps you might wish to come with us then...? Her fate is entirely up to you, boy. I would stop complaining and allow this poor woman to see another night."

<sarani-chan> Jasmin felt pain blossom from her neck as Jack tightened his grip. She bit her lip to keep herself from making a noise, even as she heard Dimitri immediately let out a pained sound, like a wounded animal as he rushed forward to close the distance between himself and Silver.
"I'll come with you, and I won't run away! Just..." His voice cracked, and he tried to will his eyes not to sting. "Don't hurt her anymore...please...please..." He hung his head.

<InuMeister>Well would you look at that. He was being complacent. It was about time, really. Silver smirked. "I thought you might see things my way. Jack, release her neck and bind him. When we return, prepare a cage for our dear Dimitri. I'll want to have a few... words with him the moment I'm able." Thankfully, Jack's thick fingers uncurled from around Jasmin's throat, though he kept her 'leash' in hand. With his spare hand he moved forward with more rope and began to bind Dimitri's hands behind his back, mumbling lowly as he did so, "I'm sorry."
Silver once again scanned the underbrush before turning his eyes onto Jasmin. His expression was far from charming. "Relax, my little minx. You'll be treated far more pleasantly now that this ordeal is done with. I'm sure you'll appreciate a bed and shower now that you are an... honored guest instead of a prisoner." Though there wasn't much of a difference.

<sarani-chan>Dimitri felt a shudder ripple all the way from his head to his toes at the words. Tonight definitely wasn't going to end on a friendly note for him. "Not your fault." He replied, under his breath so only Mister Jack had a chance to hear him.
Jasmin gave a sharp inhale as soon as her neck was clear to breath. She shot Silver the most hateful glare she could muster. "Oh please, as if there is even a difference from one to the other," she hissed at him. It certainly didn't diminish her killing intent.

<InuMeister> Jack finished the bonds of Dimitri's hands, tying the rope so that it pressed somewhat into his skin and restricted his movement. He hoped it didn't hurt too much... Poor boy. The guilt Jack felt was overwhelming. He had attempted all that time ago to free Dimitri, and yet again here he was binding his young friend. He couldn't do a thing to help him now. Jack's will was bound and tempered to Silver's own. He would be a slave to the other for an eternity.
Silver himself laughed at Jasmin's gaze. How furious she was. It would be cute if she didn't want to kill him. Grabbing her rope, his other hand moved to curl around her shoulder. If only she knew what lay under his glove. Perhaps then she might understand why she should fear him. She would learn. Just as this night, Dimitri would learn how truly harsh Silver could be.

<sarani-chan> Dimitri took a deep breath, taking in the scents of everything around him before he was locked away for who knew how long. He would miss being able to go outside whenever he wanted. Suddenly a familiar smell flooded his senses that caused his entire body to freeze in shock. No way...
The barest sound of grass rustling was all the warning the group got before a small figure launched themselves out of the trees with a snarl and aimed straight for Silver.

<InuMeister> Silver was... surprised to say the least when his senses told him of someone rushing out towards him. He had been so sure! There had been no werewolves or vampires close by when they had first arrived! Grinding his teeth, he turned his body towards the new threat but should have known he didn't need to bother. On instinct, his body guard did what was needed for him. Jack dropped the end of Dimitri's rope, throwing his bulk in front of Silver and turning to drive his shoulder against what dared attack. With the moon so close to being full, it was easy for his eyes to flash golden and his lips to pull back in an inhuman snarl.

<sarani-chan> There was a surprised noise followed by a grunt of pain and a volley of cursing that caused Dimitri to wince. The figure dropped to the ground and backed off a few feet, allowing the two men to have a better idea of what exactly they were dealing with...which turned out to be a girl a few years older then Dimitri at most. Wild orange hair fell around a face dotted with freckles, and angry green eyes glared up at the two tall men.

Jasmin caught a glimpse of a familiar head of fiery hair and took the chance she had been given. The woman brought her leg up and gave Silver a vicious kick in the midsection to force the other vampire away from her and towards Jack.

<InuMeister> Jack hesitated now, eyes widening somewhat. A girl? Only a child at that. He didn't like fighting children. He didn't have much time to think on it however, as Silver's command was yelled, "Jack, get rid of her- OOF."
Silver found himself shoved without thinking, though he held tight to Jasmin's 'leash' as the rope jerked at her hands. He fell, but made damn sure he was able to pull her down with him. "Vile woman! I'll have your head for that!" He reached out, left hand flexing as he attempted to grab for her throat. He would pin her to the ground if he was able, and hold her there if she didn't retaliate too quickly.

Jack had cast Silver a glance but had his own hands full. Bringing up a large hand, he allowed a loud growl to rip forth from his throat and faked a lunge out towards the girl. "Begone! I don't wish to harm but, but I shall if you remain!"

<sarani-chan> Jasmin choked out a curse and tried to lash out again, but her bindings were restricting her movement even more now that she was on the ground. “Dimitri,” she managed to grit out, “run!”
Dimitri had been frozen in shock up until that moment, but seeing Silver reach for Jasmin had him moving before he was even fully aware of it. He launched himself desperately at Silver. Even if his own body weight wasn't enough to barrel the larger man over and away from Jasmin, at least the nearly-full moon was giving him a boost of strength.

The girl's lip curled to reveal sharp canines as she quickly tried to sidestep the faked lunge. She was small, but proved how fast she was as she attempted to dart back in and wipe at Jack with hands that had morphed into sharp claws.

<InuMeister> Goddamn it! Nothing was going right for him tonight! Silver himself made a very inhuman sound, struggling hard to shove off the meddlesome pup. He wouldn't stand for this! His short fuse had been lit as the idiot pummeled him. Very well. He would do to him what he was going to do to the woman! Silver was shoved and almost fell, but was able to dig his feet into the ground and catch himself. In the process, he was able to latch onto Dimitri. His smile was almost demented by this point, flicking his glove and what looked to be a silver bracelet aside. "Foolish mutt!" He moved to dig his left arm into the other's back, other arm anchored around him. Strangely enough, Silver's arm seemed to be entirely blackened, the ends of his fingers tipped in claws. And anything in range of his touch would begin to rot at once, living flesh included.

Jack visibly winced as Keelin transformed. Odd... It didn't appear quite the same as a werewolf. He gave no further thought to that though, too busy trying to figure out how to stop her without hurting her. Her attacks found their way into his skin easily enough and he bled, but he seemed to not mind that much as he attempted to reach forward and lock her into a hold against his chest, bulk having grown somewhat and savage strength in his arms. "Stop this," He growled in response to her own throaty sounds.

<sarani-chan>Dimitri felt a familiar sensation dig into his back and let out a terrified shriek. His shirt immediately disintegrated around Silver's arm, and a searing pain burst across his back. The boy thrashed back against Silver's hold as his entire body started to change as he willed himself to shift.
Jasmin heard Dimitri scream and immediately attempted to struggle to her feet. Dammit these bindings were being a pain! She strained against them in an attempt to get the ropes to snap.

Keelin let out a snarl as she found herself trapped against a broad chest. There was a popping of bones shifting under her skin, and her skull elongated into something that definitely wasn't like a normal werewolf. "!!!" Her sentence was punctuated by words that sounded suspiciously like...latin? And suddenly her own small body was changing in shape and size, continuing to attempt and break Jack's hold.

<InuMeister> What...? Jack's eyes widened as the girl in his grasp began to change. He halfway expected that, but this wasn't quite what he was used to. She wasn't canine in nature. No, her smell now seemed far more like that of a feline. Just what was going on here? He didn't want to shift fully himself, but if he was forced to, so be it. His own form began to alter to compensate, his strength still doing well to hold her to him.

This was bad. Silver knew this. No matter how powerful he thought himself, there were three creatures here fighting and trying to get away and perhaps kill him in the process. Damn it all to hell. He didn't plan for this. He had to think fast. Think... but of course. His cold eyes darted to land on Jasmin. The only other non-werecreature here. With a growl of disgust he shoved Dimitri away and in a blur of movement appeared behind the other vampire. His blackened hand moved to press against her throat, though he willed the rot to slow... for now. "Enough!" His voice carried, chipped eyes furious. "Stop this, or she dies! I promise you that! No manner of cheap tricks or shifting will save her!"

<sarani-chan> Dimitri fell heavily to the ground as Silver pushed away from him, jarring the rot wound in his back and causing his vision to darken around the edges. Silver's words cut sharply through the pain. He let out a pained whimper as he let his body slip back into human form, his clothes stretched and torn in multiple places. It took most of his willpower to stay conscious by this point.
Jasmin went stock still. Her hands flexed in the bindings as she willed them to miraculously snap.

Keelin had been seconds from attempting to scrape Jack's heart out with her teeth when she heard Silver's voice pierced the snarls and growls. She halted and looked around sharply to spot Silver with Jasmin in his hold, though she had yet to drop her shifted form. Dammit all.

<InuMeister> There... That was better. Silver's heavy breathing began to slow, as his beating heart followed suit. This situation was far too chaotic for him. He didn't like it one bit. Though it had been... exciting. He smirked somewhat, blowing a strand of loose black hair from his face and chuckling. Now that things were still, he had a moment to think. He willed Jack to turn somewhat to see the girl he held. Or... not exactly a girl at this moment. A feline. Interesting... Still, he called out mockingly, "Aah... I recognize you now. How could I have forgotten? The werekitten from the fighting ring. How amusing. You know my ex property. Seems you have something in common." Again came his laughter. Oh what fun! He would need to wrap things up though. "Jack, grab the boy and-" Wait what was-
He didn't even finish the thought. A form far larger than even Jack's own, a true beast of beasts, exploded from the underbrush behind Silver. A massive paw slammed down upon his head, and Silver crumbled to the ground, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and his hat tossed. The beast wolf growled lowly, yellow eyes cutting across towards Jack and lumbering closer, a heavily muscled arm moving back as if to slash him apart. Jack took the hint. This werewolf towered over even he, and he released Keelin and brought up his hands, allowing his form to flow back. "I have no reason to fight. Silver cannot order me to do so in such a state. I want no conflict."
The chestnut colored beast eyed him as if debating on his sincerity, but snorted and seemed to decide to let it go. It too began to shrink and flow, returning to the original state. No other than William stood, reaching for the spare blanket he had tied around his arm and wrapping it around his waist now. He looked tired and his hair in disarray, but he looked upon Keelin with a slightly disapproving face. "What did I tell you about using Latin to curse? It's not just rude, it's vulgar. Seems you want another lesson or two on how to properly use the language."

<sarani-chan> Jasmin's breath caught. She didn't have the privilege of seeing William's wolf form often, but it was always an awe-inspiring (and slightly terrifying) thing to behold. The older werewolf made quick work of Silver, and as Jack backed down, she let out a soft sigh of relief. Until a low whine brought her thoughts to a halt. "Dimitri!" She rushed over to the boy, sprawled out on his stomach. A large hole in his thoroughly ruined shirt displayed a nasty wound that made Jasmin make a sharp intake of breath. Silver did that?!

Keelin let out a huffing noise as she backed away from Jack. Her form shrunk as she reverted back into a human shape. "Well you already hate it when I curse in English..." She crossed her arms across her chest, the picture of indignation. Her eyes landed on Silver and her lip curled as Silver's previous words came back to her. "....Explains why the stupid hat and coat were familiar," she muttered under her breath. Aforementioned hat lay in the dust a short distance away, and suddenly Keelin was experiencing the strongest urge to grow her claws back and poke holes in the fabric. And steal that flashy-ass feather.

<InuMeister>Cursing in any language wasn't good, but now wasn't the time for him to try and give her lessons in proper language. He breathed himself. He had been worried sick the moment he had seen the other Nocturnal holding and fighting her like that. Speaking of which... William turned and eyed Jack, who seemed to be looking upon the scene of Dimitri with concern. Strange. Then again, it seemed obvious that this one wasn't working for Silver out of free will.
Jack paused to look at Keelin and grimace. "Please don't try anything," He muttered. "I'm obligated to protect him, conscious or not... His clothing too." He could almost read her mind, having watched her look upon Silver's hat. Jack advanced upon Dimitri, and didn't pause or seem to care if Jasmin would take offense to it. He fell to a crouch beside the boy, stone face clouded with worry. "It was not too deep. He is lucky it did not spread to the spine and rot it through." He lifted a hand as if to try and do something but after a moment pulled it back. "He will heal with rest, and water. Take him somewhere safe. Somewhere you may hide. Silver knows of your bar, and he will not rest until he has what he wants, or destroys it so no one else may 'have it'."

<sarani-chan> Keelin made a face at Jack, her gaze following him as he moved....and then onto the unmoving Dimitri. "Shit, Dimitri!" She went as fast as her aching body would let her, her eyes wide in alarm. "The hell..." It was like an unhealed version of the scar on his neck. A furious burning sensation bloomed in her stomach, and her eyes moved back towards Silver as she attempted to swallow back a snarl. That bastard....
Jasmin let out a relieved breath. "Thank you, Jack..." She was no Doctor, so it was nice to hear a positive diagnosis from somebody who seemed to know what they were doing. "I know someone, and they can get in contact with Listari for me." She gave a slight start as there was a tug on the bindings on her hands, and she turned to see Keelin attempting to untie them. After a few failed attempts (and a few more swears) the girl chose to merely use her claws to slash through them. Keelin's entire posture was tense, as if she was still in the middle of a fight, and her expression was one of stormy anger. Jasmin had a feeling that her current emotions definitely weren't directed at the rope. “Thank you for coming to help, Keelin. We'd be screwed if you and William hadn't showed up.” She gave the girl a smile.
Before Keelin could reply a low groan caused the both of them to redirect their attention to the boy before them. “Mmff...” He managed to crack an eye open, though it was clouded with pain. “Miss Jasmin...what...I remember...seeing Keelin....” Part of him wondered if it had all been some strange dream.
“Of course I'm here, you big dummy,” Keelin huffed. “Like I was gonna make you deal with shit on your own when it was obvious it was eating up your insides. What do you take me for?”
“S'rry...for getting you...involved....”
“Don't you get that way with me,” the werecat growled seriously. “Or I'll make you regret it once you got that hole in your back patched up.” All she got in response was a breathy noise that was probably supposed to be a laugh.

<InuMeister> Jack managed a nod, his impassive face mellowed now. He watched as Dimtri began to stir and released a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He was truly fine then. Good...
William followed suit and lingered along the edge of the semi-crowd, noting Keelin's frustration. He couldn't blame her, though he did wish she would at least attempt to reign in her feisty mouth. Yes, it was lucky that they had arrived. Even luckier that William had decided to 'stalk the stalker' so to say, following Keelin and simply knowing that she would throw herself into trouble. He had been right. Ah, but at least it ended well. Or well enough. He smiled as Keelin in the situation found her own way to deal with it, and might have laughed with Dimitri had the situation been lighter.
Jack flinched as another groan could be heard. He looked to see Silver stir somewhat. Damn it all. "You all need to go." As carefully as he could, he reached down and lifted Dimitri from the ground and held him, not thinking of it as he glanced about. Bah, but he wouldn't be able to take him back, would he? No, he couldn't leave himself.
William stepped forward, expression somewhat understanding as he reached out and with an equal amount of care took Dimitri and placed him upon his back. "Hold tight my boy. We'll have you home soon."
Jack managed the smallest of smiles. Dimitri was going to get away. He could remain free. The amount of joy for his small friend was indescribable, though it was mixed with some sadness. "Goodbye Dimitri. Stay safe."

<sarani-chan></b> Keelin twitched slightly as Silver made a noise. Her fingers twitched again at the thought of making him stay unconscious for just a little longer, but lucky for him she had more important things to think about. Though there was a definite satisfaction as she replayed the memory of William catching the vampire completely off guard. Serves the bastard right.
Dimitri let out a sigh as he managed to wind his arms around William's neck. Home...He managed to open his eyes again and focus on Jack. "Mister Jack...s'rry for gettin you in trouble...again..." Silver definitely wasn't going to be pleased when he woke up. If only the older werewolf could go with them...but he knew what Jack's answer would be. He loosened his grip on William so he could reach a hand out to him. "Take care of yerself...promise?"
Jasmin rubbed her wrists and tried to ignore the burning in her eyes as she looked on. The two obviously cared about each other a great deal...she just wished Jack didn't have to resign himself to this fate. "If you ever want to get away from Silver you know where you can go, okay?"

<InuMeister> Jack was able to keep his small smile as Dimitri spoke. "I am always in trouble." Silver might punish him later, but it was nothing he hadn't endured before. Though his own back gave a ghostly ache at the thought of what would be done to him. As Dimitri reached for him, he in return lifted a hand and took the other's much smaller one to squeeze gently. "I will." The punishment was worth allowing them to escape.
With some effort he released the other, looking towards Jasmin as she spoke. His expression once again fall into his mask, but he did nod at her words. "While I appreciate the offer, I have... bonds I cannot break even if I wished to." He had been ordered many times to never leave Silver's side. The vampire's will still held strong to him, even now. Once again the red coated man groaned and Jack looked in a sharp motion. "Now go. Go."
William nodded, pulling away and beginning to move. They needed to return as swiftly as possible, leaving Jack standing in the dimness to watch them as they left.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin gave a small, sad smile, and nodded in return. She figured he would say something like that.
Dimitri let his hand drop from Jack's, and readjusted his hold on William. A soft whine made its way out of his throat as they all turned away from his oldest and most trusted friend. Please stay safe, he prayed as he burrowed his face against William.
Keelin gave the unconscious Silver one more glare, before her eyes flitted to Jack. "Just...try not to make Dimitri too sad, okay?" And with that she was turning to follow the others.

Thankfully it didn't take the group long to reach the safe location Jasmin knew of. Joseph Parkyr, head doctor of the Raven Clinic and long-time friend of Listari, was always willing to help out a friend. This time, with an injured Dimitri and everyone looking some degree of disheveled, was no exception. The doctor turned vampire was quick to usher everyone inside and see to Dimitri's injury.
"That Silver is trouble on legs," said Joseph grumpily as he inspected the young werewolf's back. "I don't allow his type to walk even a foot inside my clinic."

<InuMeister> William was glad to once again be somewhere safe... though it was somewhat awkward with a blanket around his waist. He grimaced somewhat, used to being dressed properly now that they were staying with civilized people again. He never did feel right being bare though. He blamed it on his rigid upbringing. Dimitri seemed to be doing decently, though he was in pain. What kind of power had that been? A Dark Gift perhaps? It was a frightening one. And that Jack fellow... William frowned somewhat as he lingered off to the side, as he always did. He wasn't sure what to make Jack. Though, he could understand wanting to protect someone like family. His eyes moved to rest on Keelin. Speaking of which...
He leaned closer, placing a heavy hand on Keelin's shoulder. By the look he was giving her, she should know she was about to get a lecture. "What did you think you were doing, running off like that....? You might have been hurt. What if you had been hurt or killed?"

<sarani-chan> Keelin took one look at William's expression and knew she was in trouble. Dammit, so much for hoping that he'd forget. Unfortunately William never forgot things, so if he ever did there would probably be something seriously wrong. Still, it didn't mean Keelin was going to be sorry for what she did. "So what? I wasn't going to sit around and do nothing!" She had her stubborn face on, jaw set and her brows furrowed.

<InuMeister> His own frown deepened. He always had something in his eyes that could get to those close to him. Disappointment. Though he did smile mildly at her, as hard as he tried not to. "I am not angry at you for coming to your friends' rescue. I merely wish you would have brought me with you in the first place instead of me having to follow you." His wolfish form was larger than many, and it was refreshing to use something so destructive to help others.
The lighting was low in the building, but it was still bothering his eye. The white of it black and the iris golden, he reached to rub at it somewhat as it stung. Damn sensitive thing. No matter. He squeezed Keelin's shoulder somewhat before turning towards Jasmin. "Miss, are you quite alright? You were captured for some time if I'm not mistaken. Surely you are... thirsty." True he was no fan of vampires, but he could still feel concern for someone decent, vampire or not.

<sarani-chan>Keelin huffed and crossed her arms, hunching over in a defensive posture. "I could've handled it," she muttered under her breath. "Another second or two and I'd have had them on the ropes..."
Jasmin looked up at William from where she was watching Joseph treat Dimitri's wound. "Oh...I am a bit hungry," she replied after taking a moment to process what he had said. Silver hadn't exactly starved her, but she had only taken what she needed. "I have some blood packets or raw meat in my stores," Joseph spoke up. The thin man rose and stretched his weary muscles. "In fact I think everyone here could do with some nourishment."
<sarani-chan> The sun had gone down and the city's nightlife was in full swing. Bars and clubs all had their doors open to welcome in patrons. The Crow's Nest bar and grille was no exception.
Human's have certainly come a long way with all of their technology, thought Jasmin appreciatively as she swiped the card a patron had forked over as payment for an evening's rounds. She handed the card back, along with the drinks they had paid for. "Here we are. Enjoy!" She flashed a smile.
"Well, well, looks like Jasmin is working tonight instead of Jay, eh?"
Jasmine turned to see the bar's owner, Listari Bates, saunter up to the bar in all her five foot glory. "Aye, Jay wasn't quite feeling up to it tonight," replied Jasmin with a shrug and a grin.
"Good good," replied Listari, easily settling into one of the stools. "I haven't seen Kester out and about, so I'm guessing that Dimitri is out this evening?"
Jasmin chuckled. "He went out for a spell. He's got Keelin with him, so I'm sure they'll manage to stay out of trouble."

<InuMeister> Among the 'shadow world' of beings that lives among humans, the Crow's Nest was known to be a haven for Nocturnals everywhere. That was, as long as they didn't cause any trouble. That in itself was a problem for Silver. Trouble just seemed to bloom wherever he went. He supposed it didn't help that he was a hunter of sorts. Really, if anyone paid him the right price, he would do any job. He supposed he might be called a merchant for hire, with a small little business all his own running behind the scenes.
His boots moved against the wooden floors as he entered the establishment, his charming smile already in place. Cool blue eyes swept across the occupants as if determining if any of them were worth his attention. Silver wore his typical crimson jacket, the sleeves cut short and folded higher up on his arm to show the skin of them which fully exposed the blackened area of his left arm. He always caught a few uneasy stares because of it, but he didn't care all that much. His usual hat was also present, pressed down over his head with his favorite white feather tucked into it. He spotted the bar ahead and moved forward, gracefully taking a seat. He recognized one of the women behind the bar, and had come here for just that reason. His smile brightened further as he lifted a hand in greeting. "Listari! What a pleasure to see you here. I heard I might catch you here. Running a bar then... A fitting name to go with it." He offered a cheeky and playful wink. His gaze slid somewhat to the side to peer at Jasmin. "Hmm... and who might this lovely maiden be you have working here~?"

<sarani-chan> Listari turned at the sound of a voice she hadn't heard in at least a few centuries. Her mouth cracked into a big grin. "Silver! So you are still alive! I must say I am impressed, with your penchant for attracting trouble and all..."
Jasmin's lips quirked. "Jasmin Parande. Listari took me in some time ago, and I've stuck around ever since."
Listari leaned her elbow on the counter. "So what brings you to these parts, lad? I hope you're not here to cause trouble, since I'm sure you've heard the rules of my establishment..." Even with her easygoing words, she always made sure new arrivals understood her warnings first thing.

<InuMeister> "Trouble? Moi? Surely you must be joking... I never get in trouble." He teased, his smile growing wider. It was good to see someone from the old days. Even if they weren't exactly 'friends'. Jasmin... What a lovely name. Of course, she was a lovely woman so it was fitting. Silver restrained his flirtatious nature for the moment, despite the temptation, and instead turning to Listari and blinked his eyes innocently. "Listari, I am offended. I am merely here to meet old friends...and perhaps make new ones." He arched a brow towards Jasmin and turned himself to face her more fully. His lidded gaze would easily portray his thoughts as he leaned forward, his smile almost becoming a devilish smirk. "So dear Jasmin... Is there a 'Mr. Parande' in your life? Even if there is, I'm sure I may prove myself to be far more....exciting~"

<sarani-chan> Listari scoffed lightly at that one. To say Silver didn't attract trouble was like saying water wasn't wet.
Jasmin's eyebrows rose, a grin playing at her lips as she laughed. "Wouldn't you just love to know if there was or not, hmm~?" She continued to work as she conversed with Silver, wiping down tables as they vacated and retrieving drinks as patrons ordered them.

<InuMeister> Silver lifted a brow in return, a smirk becoming more prominent by the minute. He watched her work for a few moments. The night was young...Perhaps he should try his luck then. As she once again moved to clear out a table, Silver stepped in her way and used her movement to easily wrap an arm around her form, fingers lightly curling against her back as he did so. His wicked smile was only somewhat tamed by bright, frosty eyes as he narrowed them under the brim of his hat. He moved a bit closer into her circle of space, mumbling with his playful tone still present, "Why, yes I would like to know... I would also like to know if you're free next week."

<sarani-chan> Listari had taken a turn by the bar while Jasmin cleared tables. Her dark eyes took notice as Silver watched the younger vampire with persistent interest, but didn't interfere. If Jasmin wanted to get the guy out of her hair she doubted it would be that difficult...She had a few tricks of her own.
Jasmin's own emerald eyes gazed up into Silver's blue ones, not wavering in her gaze. She tilted her head, causing her silver hoops to glint as she appeared to consider the man's words for a few moments.  "...Sorry, but next week will probably be too busy for me to take off and leave Listari all by her lonesome...but I'm sure we'd be able to set up a tab for you if you want to stick around~" Her eyes glinted with mischief as she expertly moved away. It seemed this one would be a little harder to convince.

<InuMeister> For a moment, Silver's gaze moved to rest upon the loops in Jasmin's ears. His name was Silver for a reason. He had a certain... weakness for the substance. Before doing so, though, he noted how this Jasmin had not looked away. She had some fire in her. Good. He liked that in a woman. As she smoothly dodged his advance, he couldn't help but allow himself to chuckle in amusement. She proposed a challenge, and he intended to take it. With a dramatized sigh, he moved his hat from his head and pressed it to his chest. "Alas, I am rejected! No matter..." Easily he tossed the hat back to his head and tipped it towards Listari. "Ma'am." He then began to move towards the door... However he strayed a bit towards Jasmin one last time. "I think I'll just have to keep returning then until you do have a bit of free time... Starting with next week. Just in case your schedule clears up."
With a glint of bright teeth he tipped his hat once more and moved towards the exit.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin couldn't help with a small laugh as she watched him go. As much as her instincts told her that Silver was trouble...there was no denying that it was more fun to be kept on her toes.
"Hmm...well he certainly seems to have taken a liking to you," Listari remarked. "I'm sure I don't need to warn you to watch yourself..."
Jasmin flashed the shorter woman a smile. "Of course not. You know me."
Listari only responded with a chuckle, until she spotted a head of pale blonde hair moving out of the corner of her eye. "Dimitri, lad!" She swiveled around with a bright grin. "How was your evening out~?"
The skinny youth smiled brightly as he trotted up to them. "It was fantastic! Keelin tried to show me how to do her ninja thing...parkour I think she called it?" He rubbed his head sheepishly. "I fell a few times...heh."
Jasmin reached over and ruffled his hair. "You little goofball...don't hurt yourself--" She cut off abruptly as Dimitri suddenly jerked under her touch and backed off a few steps. His eyes were wide and the color had seemed to drain out of his suntanned face. "Dimitri? What's wrong?"
The boy blinked, as if he'd come out of a spell. "Oh? I...uh...sorry..." He laughed nervously, tugging on the bandanna he always wore. "I guess my head was still a little tender..."
Neither of the women seemed to buy his horrible excuse, but didn't have it in them to call the boy out on it. Listari huffed out a laugh. "Well then, you'd best get on upstairs to rest that noggin of yours."
Dimitri needed no further prompting as he quickly scurried upstairs, which had been modeled into a living area for everyone who called the Crow's Nest home. He didn't stop until he made it all the way into his attic room and shut the door behind him. He leaned against the wood with a sigh...before running over to the nest of blankets that he called his bed. Carefully he slipped the bandanna off his neck. Around it--like a collar--was a ring of grayish-black, like a burn or other wound that had healed badly. He covered it with his fingers, running slowly over the ruined skin. It didn't hurt anymore, but it was always a reminder....Dimitri curled in on himself. What was the scent of that...that person doing on Jasmin....? Well, the scent wasn't very strong, so...perhaps she had just run into them by chance? Either way, he didn't see anything out of place in the bar when he got home, so there really wasn't anything he could do about it. He would be quite happy to never see that man again....

A week or so later, Dimitri had stayed to help in the bar that evening. Being a minor and all, he really couldn't help out with the bar or clearing alcoholic beverages from the tables, so he was regulated to running food out as their cook finished it. Kester Kameron wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but he more than made up for it with a great sense of humor and amazing skill in the kitchen.
Jasmin and Listari had taken their usual places at the bar and clearing tables. Listari knew nearly every regular and frequently went out to say hello. A woman really got a big network as centuries went by.

<InuMeister> Silver seemed especially eager to get to the bar, Jack noted as he fell into step behind the man. Silver's brisk footsteps seemed all the brisker tonight as he hurried, a large smile on his face. The man couldn't stop fidgeting with the silver bracelet at his wrist either. Jack lifted a brow somewhat but of course said nothing.
Jack himself almost seemed to be the complete opposite of Silver. While Silver was pale and slender, Jack held darkened skin and a bulk that tended to intimidate anyone he crossed. Not that he was harsh. In fact, he was very mild mannered. He supposed it came with the lifestyle... Slavery did that to someone. Still, his life under Silver wasn't too bad. And in his position, Jack was somewhat able to influence the other and steer him away from harming others. Jack was also able to help others escape should Silver... Go too far.
Silver had spoken of a bar of sorts, and an old vampire he had known in his days of sunlight. And another much younger one he had his eyes on... Jack grimaced. He hoped he didn't need to warn the woman off. Silver could be... fickle when it came to relationships, if they could even be called that.
Moving into the bar, Silver's eyes once again began to look around. Now, surely she was on the job tonight... He had to be sure he found her and worked his charm somewhat on her...
There she was. He moved forward to greet her, his sly words all lined up... When his gaze spotted another. Someone he had been looking for, for a very long time. The boy known as Dimitri, shuffling around near the back. Silver's eyes narrowed, his smile widening like that of a predator baring their teeth. Behind him, he heard Jack utter a sharp and low gasp. Silver paid him little mind. Instead, he purposely moved towards Jasmin and moved his gaze from the boy. He would play out the night for now... "Hello darling~ Still booked up tight this week?"
Jack now searched for Dimitri's gaze, sight clouded with concern. Jack wouldn't have changed much in the time they had been apart. Still wearing humble and somewhat worn clothing that seemed a bit out of place, his britches and vest scuffed up. What was Dimitri doing here?

<sarani-chan> Jasmin's eyes flicked to him, and her grin widened. "Why hello there~" She made her way over and braced her hands against the bar as she leaned forward slightly. "Unfortunately, yes. It just so happens that Friday's are the busiest of all..." It certainly was crowded this evening, enough that even the small Dimitri was having trouble moving about to get food to the tables. The larger number of bodies in the room also dampened his senses, meaning that he wasn't immediately aware of the newest arrivals.
"Order up, Dimitri!" Kester called as he started on a new batch of fries.
"I'm on it!" The boy wasted no time in collecting the dishes that had been slid his way, breezing out the door and into the crowded room. He carefully maneuvered around the crowd. It was only after he had squeezed past a bunch of people crowded around the bar that he found himself right next to Jack and Silver. "Excuse me. Coming throu--" His eyes rose to both men and his breath suddenly stuttered. The plates fell from his suddenly numb fingers with a loud crash.

<InuMeister> “But I should have known. Modern times and their 'Fridays'." It seemed to be the day of the week that most went out to have fun. Silver missed the times when every day was time to have fun. But of course, it was still like that for him...
He would still linger around though. He still wished to... Ah. Perfect. As the small boy began to scoot around him, he turned and summoned his cold smile. His eyes seemed to match the temperature perfectly. "Hello, Dimitri. I'm happy I finally found you."
He didn't make a move to run forward and snatch the younger boy. Even if Dimitri did suddenly begin to run, a single command and Jack would have him caught. Instead, Silver would enjoy watching him squirm. His smile widened. "So this is where you disappeared off to... I must say, I was veryworried about you when you vanished..."
Behind him, Jack's face remained a mask. However, his eyes told a different story. Worry and warning remained there. Run. Jack could do little if Silver decided to order him to capture Dimitri. Perhaps Silver would refrain, seeing as he might not wish to start a scene in such an establishment...

<sarani-chan> "Dimitri?" Jasmin's face turned into a worrisome frown. She had never seen him like this before with anyone before...He wouldn't be afraid of any vampire like this, unless....
Dimitri swore the noise in the room felt dull in his ears, and even the cheerful lights seemed to dim. He shuffled back one step, and then another. This was a thousand times worse than any nightmare he'd ever had. He could smell the tang of his own fear overwhelming everything. "S...Silver..." Dimitri's voice cracked over the name. He had to get away, far away where that man would never find him--
"Easy there, lad," The nearly jumped out of his skin when his back collided with a solid body, one that smelled of tobacco and strong alcohol. Listari placed careful hands on his shoulders, nearly equal with the boy in height, as she peered past the trembling boy towards Silver. "Now then...what exactly has this youngster so shaken at the mere sight of you?" Her eyes were sharp, as if she already knew the answer. "You two seem to know each other."

<InuMeister> He was creating a scene. He had thought this might happen. Still, Silver kept a cool head about him as the boy began to move away and someone else entered their little scene. Mildly he gestured towards Dimitri, not looking at him and instead settling his calm gaze upon Listari. "You might say I'm in a that not all approved of. Dimitri was involved in this business. Well, that is, until he ran from it. It was most unfortunate and puzzling how he might have done so himself..." His words seemed aimed at someone else who had helped the younger boy escape.
Jack shifted his feet, hand moving subconsciously to his side where he still bore a scar from punishment for that...
Silver continued, keeping the tone light as if they were only speaking of sports. "I would very much like to borrow the dear boy sometime when he has some time off...The business was never the same without him."

<sarani-chan> Dimitri visibly shuddered at the words and Listari's eyes instantly turned stony. One hand clenched at her waist, as if reaching for a weapon that was no longer there. "Dimitri, be a dear and please go back to the kitchens with Kester and stay there."
Dimitri looked between the vampires with wide eyes, from Jasmin's stormy expression to Listari's own angry eyes and back to Silver. He nodded and quickly shuffled back into the crowd. He kept clenching nervously at his bandanna, and didn't turn his back until Silver was completely out of his sight.
Listari spoke up again once the boy was gone. "I see your treatment of others has not improved over the centuries, Silver. I should have recognized that mark on his neck as work of yours as soon as I laid eyes on it."

<InuMeister> This wasn't part of the plan. Silver's teeth grit somewhat as his target began to move away, his smile becoming more of a grimace. As Listari continued, he seemed unimpressed. "It was merely a punishment and a claim... The child belongs to me. He is my servant, as Jack is and many others. If I decide to trade him to someone else, very well... If I decide to keep him as my personal servant, he is lucky. If I decide to go after him after he flees," Silver took a step forward, glowering down at the woman with a wicked sneer. "This is my right and choice. I am hoping you will not break your own rules about violence..." His tone seemed mocking. "I will keep this brief and peaceful. Now, move out of my way."

<sarani-chan> Listari didn't back down, looking up at Silver as her lip curled ever so slightly. "I will only break my own rules if someone under my own protection is threatened..." Her eyes gleamed, and her hands arched into slight claws at her side. "And then I have every right to beat you seven ways to Sunday on my own property."
Jasmin wasted no time in vaulting right over the counter to stand next to Listari. She was on the tall side for a woman, so she held a bit more presence as she let out a warning growl deep in her throat.

<InuMeister> Silver would gladly take on this old 'friend' if they stood in his way. A grin that was hardly pleasant came to his face, and with a mere snap of his fingers, the large Jack moved forward with a grimace. After all, Silver could easily have Jack fight first without dirtying his own hands. He could feel Jack's reluctance, but he could care less...
However, when the woman known as Jasmin joined the scene and added in her own weight, Silver hesitated. His eyes narrowed further, teeth grit.
Jack found that puzzling. Them against these two women... Jack was sure in the end, he and Silver would win. Why the hesitation?
Still, Jack was relieved when Silver took a step back. His expression relaxed somewhat as he lifted his hands. "Very well. I don't wish to cause a scene. I will leave." Touching the brim of his hat, he turned and began moving back towards the exit. "Come, Jack."
The dark skinned man turned to follow, but stopped to look back at them. As lowly as he could, he mumbled, "Be careful... Silver does not like losing." With that he moved after the red coated man.

<sarani-chan> Neither woman took their eyes off them as they retreated from the Crow's Nest. "Oh yes," murmured Listari. She nodded to Jack in acknowledgment. "Of this I am all too aware...." Once the two were gone she put a reassuring hand on Jasmin's arm. "They're gone now, so there's not much we can do about it."
Jasmin still looked ready for a fight, but she slowly allowed herself to relax. "Yeah...but to think that Silver was Dimitri's former master..." Just remembering the day they found him scavenging for food in their back alley, dirty and frightened, made her blood boil. "I always told myself that if I ever found the monster who did that to him that I'd beat the shit out of them..."
"Well, Dimitri is safe and that is what matters," replied Listari, before moving back around the bar.

Later that evening, the bar was almost completely empty save for a few stragglers that were slowly being rounded up and herded out the door. Dimitri had refused to go to bed, instead helping Kester scrub every inch of the kitchen. He had yet to really speak to anyone about the run-in with Silver, but nobody else really seemed to be in a hurry to bring it up.
Jasmin hauled some trash and recyclables out into their back alley. She had mostly cooled off since the stand-off, but she still knew she would be quick to anger if anything happened to provoke her. Even after over a century of being a vampire, she still had a nasty temperament.

<InuMeister>For the most part, the night was growing quieter and quieter. Silent and still as soon the hours would tick into sunlight and a new day would begin, and the shadow world would temporarily be disbanded. Not quite yet though... As Jack had tried to tell them, Silver didn't like to lose. He would not let this matter rest until he was satisfied and convinced he had gained something. But of course, he would not go out himself to do anything. No, far easier to send someone else who was more fitting for the job...
Jack, for a man his size, had learned at least some tricks for being silent. One moment Jasmin was absorbed in her task, seeming to reflect on inner thoughts. The next a large hand would pull her up and clamp around her mouth, the other firmly around her throat. The smell of man and dog was of course present, the dark skin of the hands giving away who it was. If there was any doubt, when he spoke it was dispelled. "I am sorry," Jack mumbled, eyes somewhat closed. "But you must come with me now if you wish for Dimitri to remain unharmed. I am going to remove my hand. Do not scream..." A faint squeezing of his other hand around her throat gave signs of what he must do if she did. His fingers moved away from her mouth. "Do you understand?"

<sarani-chan> Jasmin's sharp inhale was cut off as the hand quickly muffled any noise she would or could have made. Every vampire instinct she possessed screamed for her to retaliate immediately and ruthlessly. What could a lone beast possibly accomplish? But the more rational side of Jasmin (however infrequently it made an appearance) knew better. She slowly nodded and made a noise of agreement. It would be much more satisfying to vent her opinions at the one who was undoubtedly behind all this.

<InuMeister> Thank god she wouldn't fight him. Jack didn't wish to harm her should their be a struggle... Quickly he produced a slip of thick cloth and fastened it around her eyes before hefting her over his shoulder. With that the world began to bob as he moved forward, taking back streets and darker locations in order to remain out of sight. He had left a note at the front door before moving to the back and capturing her. How long it would take for them to discover her gone, and the note, he wasn't sure... He wouldn't stick around to find out. The note merely read in Silver's sharp handwriting, 'I have the girl. If you want her back, you best bring Dimitri to me. I'm willing to trade. The center of the city's park, three days, midnight. Don't disappoint me."

The trip with Jasmin on his shoulder lasted for a half hour or roughly about that time. During that span he hurried and sprinted, doing his best to stay out of sight anytime he could sense life around him. He made it inside just as the suns rays began to press at his back, the door slamming behind him. They moved downward for a time, twisting and turning with stairs before finally they must have arrived. She was placed in a chair that felt cushioned, nice and comfortable. The cloth was pulled from her face to allow her to observe her surroundings. She was in a windowless room that was for the most part bare. Her chair was set in the center of it, a bed that had the basic sheets and pillows present. A set of stairs led up to a door, which must have been the way out, and another door was set close by that must be a bathing room. Jack stood off to the side, expression unreadable as he looked off to the side. Next to him...
"Hello darling. Seems we'll be having that date after all then, hmm?" Silver smiled at her, seeming altogether pleased with himself.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin didn't fight, instead silently plotting to break every bone in Silver's body before staking him out for the sun to light a fire under his ass. Finally they seemed to have arrived. Jack barely removed the cloth around her eyes and stepped out of the way before Jasmin was on her feet. Her eyes landed on Silver and her expression went from merely vexed to murderous. "Are you proud of yourself then?" Her voice was a deadly hiss. Her fingers curled, as if imagining them around the man's throat and slowly squeezing.

<InuMeister> Oho, she was a fiesty one! Of course, he had already found that out the moment he had seen her. "Proud of myself...? Darling, I have been proud since the moment I was born. But this task was, at most, amusing and bothersome. I do wish you would have remained out of the way, but now you've involved yourself." What sounded like actual regret laced his tone, though his smile remained.
He turned his back to her somewhat, casually speaking. "Don't fret. You'll be returned soon enough. I'll trade you for Dimitri, and that will be that."

<sarani-chan> Jasmin took a few steps forward as a furious snarl ripped out of her throat. Her fangs flashed at him. "If you think we're going to just give Dimitri to you simple as that, you're an idiot! Why would we give him back to the likes of you?!" Her eyes shimmered from glistening emerald to a fiery red. "You have no more claim to him then you have to any other living being in this room!"

<InuMeister> Jack shifted his feet, uncomfortable but still not uttering a word. With Silver's back partially turned, it was Jack's duty to stop Jasmin should she lash out. He hoped she wouldn't.
"Then I will keep you," His words replied as smooth as water and seemingly unphased by her anger. "If I am able to trade you, then I will obtain my old servant. If they refuse to trade, well... Then I'll just have to keep you, won't I? You'd make a very good house servant. After I break you, of course. Or..." He turned, a smirk that made many unsettled on his features. He moved forward, seeming unworried for any physical damage she might inflict. He attempted to wrap an arm about her form, similar as he had done before. He was a very tall man, and looked down at her smugly. "Perhaps you'd rather be the lady of the house... I could arrange for that very easily, with only a bit of payment via lips to improve your status..." Asking, or perhaps bribing her, to begin a relationship with him in order to not become a practically brainwashed slave in his household. Where he stood, Jack grimaced.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin caught his arm in one hand and took a step back. Her gaze had gone from a burning-hot rage to a steel-cold fury. "I have had quite enough of men thinking that I'm an object to do as they pleased to." Her voice had become low and dangerous. "Besides," her mouth twisted up into a humorless smirk. "You should watch that pride of yours. You might just end up with more than you can handle."

<InuMeister> He had set her off it seemed... Her level of anger only kept rising. Of course her modern way of thinking would set her off when he made such advances. She seemed to be holding some card in her hand that he didn't know of though, with that last remark... No matter. He returned the smirk with one of his own. His free hand, the blackened one, almost seemed to give off what appeared to be dark steam. With a brisk motion he moved his hand from her. "There is nothing I cannot handle." He turned and moved towards the stairs that led to the door. "Jack, guard her for now."
Jack grunted, moving in front of the stairs and folding his arms. As Silver left, the door slammed and seemed to make some sort of noise. It was being locked, most likely. Jack waited a moment, ears straining for any sighs that Silver lingered near the door. None... He relaxed, lowering his arms and looking towards Jasmin with something akin to regret and pity. "You should not allow him to anger you so... Anger will not help you survive here." It was more likely to get her killed.

<sarani-chan> Most of the anger seemed to leave the room along with Silver, as Jasmin only let out an annoyed huff. "Hard not to be...Stupidity has always been quick to set me off..." She paced around the room, taking in all its details. It was mostly wishful thinking when she hoped that Silver would leave some gaping loop that she could exploit, but...well a girl could hope. It never hurt to look around. Maybe there was something here that would be useful later...
A short while later she finally took a seat. She was still irked beyond belief, but more satisfied in having some familiarity with her surroundings. Her eyes landed back on Jack. For a few moments she didn't say anything, before finally asking a question that had been stewing in her mind for a while. "How long have you been here? Stuck with him, I mean."

<InuMeister> He actually chuckled a bit at that. Stupidity eh? He wouldn't call it that. In fact, Silver's sharpness was what oftentimes had them both into trouble. He thought himself too clever for his own good. He watched her as she paced around, not budging from his spot as his eyes followed her movements.
It really was no use. Underground and their only exit locked. At least the woman began to settle down and relax. If one could call that state relaxed. Jack wondered idly how long he would be down here. Surely not more than a few days. But... The full moon was coming up, wasn't it? The idea sparked in his mind and almost had his eyes widen. Silver, you were cruel, but surely you wouldn't even do that... No, he wouldn't. That would interfere with his plans.
Jack glanced towards Jasmin as she spoke to him. He hesitated, as if unsure he was allowed to reply and to answer her. He decided he could. "For as long as I can remember. I was passed on as a slave from master to master in my youth. When I was... 12 I think, he bought me. He has by far been the fairest master, believe it or not..." Jack owed him a life debt really and thus this was why he stuck around. His expression softened somewhat. "I am sorry that you are here, ma'am... I had hoped when my small friend escaped he would forever remain hidden."

<sarani-chan> Jasmin made a face. “Please, just Jasmin is fine.” When things got too formal she started to itch. For a few moments she was silent. “...You're name is Jack right? I think....yeah, I remember Dimitri speaking fondly of you more than once. Mentioned how you kept him out of trouble and helped him escape.” Her lips curled into a small smile.

</b><InuMeister></b> Right... He couldn't help it. He wished to be polite, despite their situation and standings. "Jasmin then."
She had calmed down a lot more then. Good. Maybe he could keep up the discussion for a while longer to make sure she stayed that way. Wait... the child had spoken of him? He seemed almost sheepish, looking off to the side. "He reminded me of myself when I was young. Scared. Alone. Needing family. I tried to help in what ways I could. I assisted him in his escape. I have the scars on my back from punishment to prove it. I do... not wish for him to return here." If Dimitri did, who know what Silver would do as his form of punishment.

<sarani-chan> "That makes two of us, believe me," murmured Jasmin. Not to mention everyone else back home at the Crow's Nest. She just hoped they weren't too upset to find her gone...Dimitri's distraught expression when he found out the reason already popped into her head. Jasmin leaned back in the chair as she drummed her fingers against her thigh. Her brows had become furrowed in intense concentration. "I just...that kid's been through enough, y'know?" She remembered Dimitri had nightmares back when he had first been adopted into their family, though he would always try to deny it. It had helped when he started going out more with kids his own age. "Silver had best hope that Listari never gets near him with anything sharp and pointy. He'll be on her blacklist after this." The thought of the older woman dismembering Silver with her blades seemed to cheer her up significantly.

<InuMeister> "I am very aware." Jack replied, a bit of sharpness in his tone. She didn't need to remind him when he witnessed it with his own eyes. Yet he was helpless now to do anything to help Dimitri. He could no longer do so. Not directly, at least... He grimaced. "I am sorry. May we just... be silent. Rest." He gestured towards the bed in the back. "You shall need it." The hours passed at a crawl. It was impossible to tell time here, but that only made it worse. Jack was an ever vigilant guard and stood silently now, hardened and watchful as the woman in time settled and slept. Good. As he had said, she would need the rest. He was relieved at one point as the door opened. None other than Silver stepped inside, making a motion and telling Jack to go upstairs for now. Jack paused before nodding and doing so, leaving Silver and a sleeping Jasmin.
Silver had a smug look to his face as he moved forward, footsteps silent as he did so. He stopped to hove above Jasmin. She almost looked... dare he say beautiful when she was resting. He moved closer, leaning down and a hand moving out to brush against her face in order to push hair away from her face. He couldn't help himself. With a low chuckle he finished the distance, pressing their lips together.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin had eventually managed to allow sleep to claim her. Even if her dreams were restless and showed visions of how this whole fiasco could get much worse. She finally broke free of such dark thoughts as something tugged on her consciousness. Slowly, she allowed herself to come back to the waking world...only to find Silver once again violating her personal space. Jasmin's reaction was instant and well-warranted. She quickly curled her hand into a fist and aimed straight for the face that had been a great source of irritation. A snarl curled past her lips; she was so sick of this man's games she was putting as much strength as her sleep-addled mind could muster.

<InuMeister>His first thought as he felt and heard her move; damn. His second; ouch. The fist connected solidly against his jaw and he could tell it would be bruised for a short time. He jerked away and stood back, hand moving up to press against the spot as he let out a small laugh. "Now that wasn't very nice of you..."
He lifted a brow. "What if you had broken my pretty nose? And here I was coming downstairs to offer you to come eat..." Surely she would be thirsty by this point or beginning to feel the burn.

<sarani-chan>Jasmin bared her teeth at him in a threatening grin, though her eyes glowered at him. "I was actually hoping I broke your nose...." But alas, not even a drop of blood to be seen. It was at least satisfying to see the swelling on his jaw though...Next time she would barricade herself inside this damn room if it would keep this creep from getting into her space.
Jasmin was certainly feeling thirst burning her throat. With the confrontation at the Crow's Nest and her subsequent kidnapping, she was hard pressed to remember the last time she had actually eaten. She didn't say anything, merely pushing back the covers and getting to her feet.

<InuMeister>Silver seemed to retain some degree of pride however, continuing to look smugly upon her. The little witch. Silver might have wooed her at one point or another had he been given enough time, but the matters of business always interfered with personal. No matter. He would be done with this all and wipe his hands clean of the woman soon enough. It wasn't as if she were the only attractive being around. He began to move away towards the door and gestured for her to follow. He spoke as he moved up the stairs. "You will be allowed to drink here, but the first signs of you trying to run and you'll be thrown back in here... Let's try and keep this pleasant, shall we?" He stopped, his hand on the door as he sneered. "But I shall only feed you if you say please~" Teasing her, even now.

<sarani-chan>Jasmin followed without saying a word, though she couldn't resist rolling her eyes at his turned back. As Silver spoke she narrowed her eyes ever so slightly. If he seriously thought--suddenly her lips quirked in the barest hint of a smirk. "Please feed me," Jasmin put special emphasis on the word, smooth as silk as she stared up at him through her lashes. "And if you do....I might be convinced to not tear your heart out of your chest and crush it with my bare hands~" Even under all the silk, there was a steely edge that said she would not hesitate to carry out her threat.

<InuMeister> He hadn't expected this exact reaction, but it was along the lines of what he suspected. He smiled through her threat, seeming amused like a young boy who wished to tease an attractive girl and had been told to 'buzz off'. He stepped down, and smoothly moved to wrap an arm around her and almost roughly pulled her against him. His movements were sharp and defined, not allowing her to react as his mouth moved to rest so close to her neck. He breathed, lips pressed their for a moment as if he meant to be intimate. The illusion was quickly shattered as two points of pain broke through her skin, drawing forth a bit of blood. He pulled back and released her before she might react. A dribble of red could still be seen at the edge of his lips as he smirked towards her. "Behave yourself darling. It would be a shame for me to bite harder on that pretty neck." To drink from another vampire was strictly taboo. It seemed Silver didn't seem to care all too much. "Am I understood?"

<sarani-chan> Jasmin made a surprised noise, which quickly turned into a warning growl that rumbled in the back of her throat. When Silver pulled away she resisted the urge to lunge at him and try to rake her hands across that arrogant face of his. She settled with covering the bite on her neck and glaring at him, her lengthened fangs bared in a warning. "If you would quit violating my space and acting like an absolute twat then perhaps you wouldn't have to worry about me behaving," Jasmin hissed at him. To emphasize her point (and lessen the likelihood of her actually attempting to mutilate him) she took several deliberate steps away from him.

<InuMeister> The emotion in her eyes and expressed in her form only seemed to amuse him further as he even managed to utter a low laugh. She wished to harm him. He could see it. He would much rather have her wish for him to hold her, but hate was as close to any love he would see from the woman. He almost wished to make a comment regarding putting a leash on her, but restrained himself. That was enough play for now. Time for work. He opened the door and led her through.
They were definitely underground. He moved with her in tow, glancing back every so often to make sure she didn't stray. It might almost be called a warehouse with several floors, the current ill lit one being the very bottom. There seemed to be cages. Placed and cluttered, they didn't allow for too much space for the residents inside. Vampire and werewolf alike seemed to be placed there. None of them seemed to be in very good condition. All feral, snarling and biting and howling as they rattled the bars and hungered. Silver seemed not to notice, moving onward to turn a corner. A new room was coming into sight now. This one, too, seemed to be locked until Silver unlocked it and moved through. Humans resided here, if they might be called that. They sat among each other on a bare floor, for the most part seeming to rest and be sleeping. They barely opened their eyes when Silver stepped in. They weren't starving at least, though a scattered few were bare. Men, women, and even some children. Silver stepped aside and gestured. "Have you pick and you fill then. They won't fight you."

<sarani-chan> Jasmin's skin wouldn't stop crawling as they made their way through the cages of ferals, and she couldn't even bring herself to look them in the eyes. Had Dimitri been crammed into one of these many cages so long ago? She shuddered at the mere thought.
But worse things awaited as they entered a room filled with humans. Just the scent of them, even as mistreated as they were, caused the burning in her throat to increase tenfold. It was quite the feat to prevent her fangs from fully extending right then and there. "You really have no concept of treating the life of others with respect do you?" She murmured to herself in a quiet voice. It was times like these that she sometimes hated the existence of her own kind.
However, no matter what kind of morals Jasmin herself upheld, she still needed to drink. The longer she put it off, the higher the risk was of draining someone beyond recovery. She sent a dirty look in Silver's direction before softening her gaze at the humans. "I like to have some privacy while I feed, if you would be so courteous..." She slowly made her way towards the humans. Her heart felt heavier with every step.

<InuMeister> Silver again was able to predict what she would think on the matter. He couldn't bring himself to care. "Respect is something I seldom feel these days." Only profit mattered in the end. In truth the many 'monsters' they captured and kept in such cages would only slaughter in the streets and eventually be caught be C.R.O.S.S. in time. The other slaves that hadn't reached such a point were allowed to reside in the upper levels, in living conditions that weren't primitive but not utterly comfortable either. No matter. At her request he merely nodded his head and moved outside, closing the door behind him as he did so. He would allow her to drink in peace at least.
Inside, the humans seemed to lack a proper will. If she killed them, they most likely wouldn't care. Though a few did shrink upon her approach. One such boy looked up with wide eyes. He couldn't be all too old, not even reaching his teens. He at least wore clothes though they were degraded. When she advanced he with some difficulty moved to stand and move towards her. Like the others, he held many old bite wounds. "P-Please don't feed on them. They're really really tired... You can bite me if you w-want." He was nervous, naturally. Oddly enough, his hair was very fair. It might even be called white as he bit his lip and dropped his gaze.

<sarani-chan> Jasmin blinked at the boy, before giving him a sad smile. She quietly knelt so she could be at eye-level with him. "Believe me, Kiddo, I normally don't like biting unless I have to," she told him softly. And even then she would briefly feed on someone who was healthy and could stand losing a small amount of blood. "If it hadn't been so long since I'd last eaten, I wouldn't be in here bothering you guys at all..." Her gums were aching from the effort it took to keep her fangs retracted by this point. Jasmin held out her hand. "I'm Jasmin Parande, what's your name, Kiddo?"

<InuMeister>The lady didn't seem that bad... Then again, a few of them didn't. They acted sweet and nice but then turned mean and bit down quick and hard. It hurt a lot more that way too. He jumped when she crouched but stood his ground. She was asking his name? He blinked a few times, as if he wasn't used to being talked to like a real human being. She even told her own name...
"My name is Eugene..." He reached out and with more hesitation took her hand in his, squeezing somewhat. She hadn't fed in a long time? He lifted that hand, offering his arm out to her. "Um.... here. I know I'm smaller than an adult but I have enough..."

<sarani-chan> "It's nice to meet you, Eugene," said Jasmin, giving the boy a small smile. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze in return. "Although I wish it was under better circumstances..." Such a brave boy...Reminded her of Dimitri somehow. One day away from them all and she was already getting homesick. Slowly Jasmin allowed her fangs to slide out past her lips as she carefully drew Eugene's arm towards herself. She attempted to make the bite as painless as possible, but it tended to always hurt before a vampire actually started drawing blood. The liquid washed down her throat, soothing the burning that had been so persistent before. The primal part of her wanted to badly to drain the boy dry until a mere husk remained. But Jasmin had many years of practice to suppress such urges. Soon she was retracting her fangs as gently as possible. She had only taken enough to sooth the worst of her hunger, so Eugene would mostly just be tired. "You should sit down for a while and take it easy when you can..." She carefully held his arm in case he needed a hand to steady him.

<InuMeister>It always did hurt when they bit. Eugene flinched, squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth as the woman did so. Of course the pain soon faded into numbness, but still, the sensation of blood being taken was always a strange one by itself. Just remember you're helping someone, he reminded himself. He began to feel a little dizzy by the time she was done and appreciated it immensely when she gripped him to make sure he wouldn't fall over. She really was a good one then, wasn't she...? What was she doing here then? He blinked a few times and nodded, steadying himself before whispering, "Thank you, miss... I'll be okay. It was nice to meet you." She had that... other guy out there waiting for her, didn't she?

<sarani-chan> Jasmin smiled at him, giving his arm a gentle squeeze. "Thank you, Eugene..." She carefully removed her hand and stood. Her emerald eyes flickered over the room and its occupants one more time, with another hint of that sadness from before. She quietly moved towards the door and gave a soft knock as she reached for the door handle. By now her flaring temper from before had burned low into coals. No longer immediately dangerous, but still hot to the touch if one came too close. Beating Silver's ass into the next century still sounded incredibly cathartic. She still hoped for a chance.

<InuMeister>Silver awaited her outside the door, having leaned against the wall and closing his eyes. If he listened hard enough, he could easily hear everything around himself. The floors above and the floor he now stood on. All the beings that moved about in their cages and otherwise... The stench here was hurtful to his nose also. He at times missed the seas and his days of piracy. The open skies and the wildness of adventure. The danger. Or course he raided and there was death then too... Piracy was a dirty business. However, somehow it seemed cleaner than what he did now. How low he had sunk. It didn't matter now. It wasn't as if he could back out. The door opened and snapped him from his thoughts. He opened his eyes to peer at Jasmin, a smile coming to his face. "Your color is better. You look better now. Of course, not that you didn't look beautiful at first~"

<sarani-chan>Jasmin couldn't help the scoff that made its way past her lips as she shut the door behind her. "Well aren't you a flattering type..." She rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow. "Hoping I won't try to carry out my threat from before if you turn on the charm, eh?" Her lips quirked up into a humorless smirk. Unfortunately for Silver, as long as he was attempting to threaten Dimitri's safety that wasn't going to be working anytime soon.

<InuMeister>He swept his coat out behind himself in a sort of mocking bow, looking up at her from under his hat with a smirk. "I thought I may as well be civil. And no offense but..." He straightened out and eyed her, looking deeply amused. "I don't fear you and your threats. I'm far older than you and so think I can fight you should I need to." And really... she was only a woman. He could simply pin her against a wall and she wouldn't be able to do much. Despite such thoughts he actually offered her a hand, smile sickly sweet. "Come then. I shall escort the lady back to her 'quarters'."

<sarani-chan>Jasmin eyed him for a moment before she tossed her head back with a dry laugh. "Well maybe someday soon you'll wish that you had." She ignored the hand as she strode past him. She was a grown woman, not some delicate lady that needed tending too, and she would prove it. "And besides..." She looked back at him over her shoulder. "Age is merely a number, after all..." It was the men who were the most well-assured of their own dominance that were the most fun to throw for a loop.

<InuMeister> Silver couldn't help but roll his eyes at her, his smile lingering despite her hostility. This woman was all bark and no bite. Age might be but a number, but the older a vampire was... the more powerful. He could easily defeat her. He hadn't lived this long due to being weak. He had earned and clawed his way to where he was, and he wasn't willing to let anyone take it away from him.
The Crow's Nest Pt 1
Another saved role play with InuMeister in a CROSS inspired universe 

All characters belong to their rightful creators.
<sarani-chan> The Nocturnal Fighting Cages were always so loud. The roar of the crowd mixed with the snarls of whatever unlucky beasts had been thrown into the ring together made for a nearly deafening mix. Put that together with the scent of mistreated animals and God knew what else made the place absolutely unbearable.
Keelin snapped at one of the handlers just as they managed to close the door to her cage. She slammed herself against the bars, her lips drawn back in a snarl as her bright green eyes glared furiously at the retreating backs of her so-called 'masters'. As soon as they had vanished from view she sat back heavily on her haunches, starting to attempt at cleaning the wounds from her most recent fight.

<InuMeister>Cheers could be heard away from the dark and damp place. Whatever beings had been placed into the ring, one had at last killed or at least severely maimed the other. The cages were placed directly under the ring, making it very easy to move dangerous beasts right to the fight. That also meant however that blood and other bodily fluids soaked down and dripped below. It did so now, red liquid seeping and falling to the ground. The smell only agitated the blood drinkers among the cages, hisses and growls issuing forth louder.
The contestant from above was led down to the cages via the stairs. Now that the fight was over, his hands were once again clasped in heavy chains that normal men could never lift. It was obvious right away what he was. With a rough and somewhat harsh appearance, lean and wild hair framed his wolfish eyes. His hands were curled and fitted with broken and blood stained claws. He walked, oddly enough, with his spine stiff and eyes level, as if he had nothing to hide. Wearing only scraps of cloth for britches, his strong physique was visible along with his many scars. He had been there a long time. His expression was utmost calm and perhaps even saddened as the handlers pushed him along.
Harshly he was pushed inside a small cage next to Keelin's own, not even large enough for him to stand in. Sitting with a sigh, he propped an arm atop a bent leg and tilted his head back, pondering something. He glanced towards the cage next to his own and smelled something strange... It wasn't a shadow shifter or a blood drinker. Something animal, though not normal. Ah. It dawned upon his face. He spoke up. His voice was very hoarse, as if he hadn't spoken in a long while. "You must be the feline terror that I've heard of..."

<sarani-chan> Keelin had stopped cleaning her wounds when the werewolf was brought down into the room. No sooner had the handlers left and she'd resumed cleaning then the stranger decided to speak to her. She lowered one paw and regarded him out of the corner of her vision. A low growl threatened to make its way up her throat, but the adrenaline from her last fight was already gone, leaving her throat raw and overused. Oh, to Hell with it...
The rust-colored fur abruptly started to vanish, and her entire form shrank and reshaped itself with a few unnerving popping noises. In the creature's place was a young girl who couldn't have been more than a few years into her teens. One side of her mouth curled humorlessly as she looked the man over. The end of a sharp canine tooth protruded past her lips. "That's 'Tigress' to you, buddy...At least that's what they call me here."

<InuMeister> He frowned somewhat as he attempted to see her. Sharp sight of not, it was very dark here and one of his eyes was a tad paler than the other, blind for the most part. "Tigress...? No... I don't wish for a title that this place has given you. I wish to know real and proper names." Shifting his weight somewhat, the chains rattled as he breathed out, "I am William Cole. I have been here for a long while so I do not know my age... " He would like to give her a full and proper introduction but there was just so much missing from it that it wasn't worth giving. His eyes softened somewhat. "You look young yourself... I have never seen a 'were-tiger' before. I did not know they existed. But I suppose it is good to learn and be surprised, even at my age."

<sarani-chan> Keelin snorted and shifted so she could more easily inspect a score of claw marks on her side. They were already healing nicely, and was likely to barely scar. "Nobody's asked me that in a while...It's Keelin..." She grimaced. "Don't hold your breath for any more surprises like me. Far as I know, there ain't any others." She scratched idly at her hair, which fell in a dirty, tangled mess to her shoulders.

<InuMeister>"Aah..." So she was a special case then. She obviously didn't want to talk of it so he didn't press further. Settling back against the bars, his gaze turned upwards towards the ceiling where small cracks of light could be seen. His thoughts wandered... He hadn't seen a tree in a long time. How funny that a simply tree would give him pleasure if he saw it. "I see... Keelin then..." His eyes closed somewhat as he attempted to picture something else. "...have you ever seen the ocean, Miss Keelin? Or been to London? Both are beautiful. I miss London... I wonder how much it has changed in my absence."

<sarani-chan> Keelin had been content to simply sit there while waiting for her injuries to continue healing, but William caught her attention once again. "...huh?" She shook her head. "Nope, never been to neither..." All she ever knew was the same dirty city, and after that...well, she didn't think about that sort of thing. It was a few moments of silence before Keelin spoke again. "Were you...born there? Or is it just a fun place to go hang out?"

<InuMeister>"Fun place to...?" He laughed. The barking sound surprised him though it died down quickly. He smiled now. "Yes I suppose it is a fun place. I moved there when I was studying to be a professor. That was in... 1881 I believe. It was a wonderful place... I was forced to leave shortly after changing. I've recently lived within New Orleans... Or 'La Nouvelle-Orléans' as they call it. It is a city filled with magic, good and bad. And the music..." Such music. Again he released a pent up breath. His small smile remained as he turned to look at her. "I promise I shall take you there someday... " His light tone turned a bit damper, more serious. It sounded more like an oath than a mere promise.

<sarani-chan> Keelin hadn't been paying full attention to what William was saying, but she sure as hell was now. "Wait. What?" She quickly sat up straight and gave him a critical look. "First you're sayin' you've been around since I ain't that great at math, but even I know that's a really fuckin long time. Two, you're just gonna up an' promise to get me outta here? What's your damage to make you promise shit like that?"

<InuMeister>He seemed lost in thought. "Aaah wait, perhaps that is my birthday... yes the year I was born, I remember now. I arrived in what year, what year..." He paused and frowned over towards her at her next words. "Now, don't use such language. It's vulgar. If you must curse at me, say it in a language that rolls form the tongue better. Damnare andstupri. Yes, I have been around quite some time, haven't I?" He paused and blinked to himself as if he just remembered why. He smiled. "I forgot." He was far older than any werewolf should be. Whoops. He wouldn't explain however and continued, "Yes I am. I do not break my word. I am a gentleman." He smiled slightly. "I want to feel the grass under my feet again. And I will happily help someone like yourself leave here." He had been meaning to leave, but he wished to free another with him. So far he had met only brutes and beasts... This Keelin was neither.

<sarani-chan> Keelin had no idea what to say to any of this, except one thing. "You're weird." She leaned back against the bars of her cage. "Alright then. Suppose I did agree to go with you. How the hell are you plannin' on busting outta this place? They keep us locked down so tight we can't so much as fart without their say-so." She rubbed at the scar on her neck, encircling it completely like a collar.

<InuMeister>"Hmm... that is my own thoughts." He replied with a thinner smile. Weird? He would take that as a compliment. She may be innocent, but she was rather brash. He noticed the ring and how she rubbed at it. Ah... she must have been forced to wear a neck shackle. "Just be prepared to run when I say... Now, if you'll pardon me, Miss Keelin..." He settled back again and closed his eyes with a sigh. "I think I will rest a little while..."

<sarani-chan>Keelin just stared at him for a few moments, her expression a mixture of disbelief, confusion...and the tiniest bit of hope. "...Bah, whatever...Crazy old wolf..." She turned around and curled up into a tight ball. Even though the adrenaline from her fight was gone, it was still difficult to relax in a place like this. Nevertheless she tried to allow herself to get some rest as well.

<InuMeister>And so it went. They had no way to measure time, but for what felt for many days, William and Keelin by stroke of luck were placed close to each other in the cages after their matches. Each time William was sure to talk to Keelin. He had a vast collection of stories it seemed to tell her. He had been all over the world and met many interesting people. In detail he told her of the castles and kings he had met, of simple pleasures of gathering around a table with a family in New Orleans, and so on. Never did he stray to his darker stories. He didn't want to fill her head with any more grim thoughts. He was very knowledgeable also, and was able to answer any questions in depth. He enjoyed their conversations immensely.
One day he was interrupted though when he was attempting to explain the science behind why werewolves didn't react well to silver. The keepers arrived and harshly pulled him forth, shoving him towards the stairs. The roar of the crowds only grew louder as he cast Keelin a small smile. He would be back soon. His matches never lasted very long.
Another keeper arrived at Keelin's cage and opened it, eyeing her with a large knife in hand. "Move it, pussycat. We have an opponent for you." She would most likely be led to one of the smaller rings around the larger one for a fight, yet again. Perhaps she would finish her fight and come back before William did.

<sarani-chan> Keelin leveled the keeper with a glare, drawing her fangs back in a low, tea kettle hiss. Nevertheless, she carefully got to her feet and started to walk. She was certain to keep the knife in her view. The keeper might not know it, but it would be relatively simple to disarm him. It was getting through the rest of the compound that worried her.
Plus Keelin had no intention of leaving without William. It would be like pulling teeth to admit it, but she had become rather attached to the old wolf. He was one of the first to show her genuine kindness in so long...

<InuMeister>She wasn't moving fast enough for him it seemed, as the brute shoved her and muttered, "I got money riding on this so you better not screw this up..." She was led up the stairs and pushed along. The sudden lighting from the darkness was always harsh on the contestants' eyes. It took a moment for the light to adjust and fade as she was moved and thrown into a ring, the gate locking behind her. The fighting rings were always several feet lower than the rest of the ground, surrounded by silver grating. Terrible people crowded around and peered down, jeering and cheering with money in hand. Across the ring, her opponent would be waiting.
William stood there, his usually kind expression arranged into one of utmost fury. Upon spotting her though, it faltered. His stance which had been so hostile and threatening loosened. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Keelin...?" No it couldn't be. He couldn't be fighting her, out of all of the beings down below.

<sarani-chan> Keelin let out a rude string of curses to detail what exactly the keeper could do with his knife, just as the door slammed shut behind her. She turned and prepared to face her opponent....only to stop short. Her face paled several shades under the layer of blood and dirt. "...William..." Her voice came out as a hoarse croak. She pressed back against the wall of the ring instinctively. no no! This wasn't how things were supposed to go! Why William of any creature here?!

<InuMeister>Aah but they should have known. They had both been doing far too well. Both of them were for the most part undefeated. What was better then pitting the Tigress against him? They wouldn't be getting out of this either. If the contestants didn't fight... They were both executed at once. William stood by, breathing slowly. They had no choice really... He smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. He stepped forward. "Come, Keelin... we must give them a show." He wouldn't shift. He tried not to when fighting. Typically he fought with his fists alone. Bringing them up, he fell into a light stance as he advanced. He had an idea. He spoke lowly, eyes lidded somewhat. "You would be wise to shift right away against me..."

<sarani-chan> Keelin balked at the words, no matter how well-meaning they were intended. Sure, William was older and more experienced, but she had been doing plenty fine on her own without taking pointers from an opponent!
She had a half-formed retort on her tongue when she saw the expression on his face. Calculating. William was planning something. Without another word, Keelin was arching her spine forward. Rust colored fur that would have been brighter without the dirt sprouted. Bones snapped and reformed again in the blink of an eye. Her skull did a grotesque sort of reshaping to make it more cat-like. Her paws lightly kneaded the ground, and she gave her new form a brief shake before she prowled around William with a wary expression in her intelligent eyes.

<InuMeister>The sight was a familiar one, though he was used to seeing the complete transformation ending with more wolfish creatures. He refused to change his own form. It was much too... vicious and difficult to control. He moved slowly around her, eyes overcast and expression impossible to read. He moved swiftly. He was sure she must be a capable fighter. He however had been around a lot longer. Even in his human form, he possessed a terrifying combination of speed and strength.
He slid and slammed his leg down to attempt to sweep her legs right from under her to get her to stumble. If he could do that, he attempted to throw himself down atop her and pin her against the dirt. He had never fought a feline such as her though so he was unsure if this tactic would work.

<sarani-chan>Keelin hissed at the sudden motion and darted to the side by a few feet. Her paws skittered against the floor of the ring as she dodged the incoming attack. Even if she wasn't as strong as some werewolves, she was still fast. She hadn't even come to a full stop before she was coiling up to leap at William. Her claws weren't fully extended, but her weight alone could still pack a punch in this form.

<InuMeister>He gave no visible negative signs as his attack failed. Of course she was faster, he should have thought of that...
Here she came, directly at him. That was fine by him. He might have been able to keep on his feet, but he didn't wish to. Instead he allowed her to push him down and land atop him, using the motion and momentum to easily flip them a few times until he was the one pinning her to the ground. His arms and muscles bulged as he struggled to keep her down by the wrists, his expression still complete calm. He leaned closer to her and spoke quickly and lowly, "Miss Keelin... It has been a pleasure to meet you. But our time has come to an end. Only one of us is getting out of here alive.... It will be you." He smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. "Switch our positions and finish this." This was a deathmatch. And he would rather she lived through it.

<sarani-chan> Keelin's body thrashed on instinct in an attempt to throw the werewolf off of herself. The growl rumbling deep in her chest was abruptly cut off as William spoke. She stared him in the face, the pupils of her eyes blowing wider with every word he said. no no no! She drew her lips back and snarled in what pretty much said "your idea is shitty and I reject it on principal" in werecat.

<InuMeister>He wasn't fluent in the language but he could translate roughly. He was sorry... He wouldn't be able to take her to London and New Orleans like he had promised. On his own principle he wasn't one to lie. But in this case he would try to convince her. His arm flattened down onto her chest to continue to hold her down, his other hand moving to close around her throat. His expression changed, morphing into something wild and feral. "Damn it, feline, fight me or I will kill you!!" He wasn't playing around anymore it seemed. Perhaps his own temper had finally snapped. His form rippled somewhat as his hands began to grow, claws forming from them and fur beginning to travel up his arms. He was shifting to finish this if she would not.

<sarani-chan> By now Keelin's eyes were dilated as wide as they could possibly go. Blind instinct, fear, and the primal desire to preserve her own life was the only thing that made her use her legs to try and kick William up and over her. Instantly she had twisted her body so she landed neatly on her feet. Her claws were fully unsheathed now as she swiped at him with a feral roar.

<InuMeister>She was acting on instinct now he noticed. Good. She wouldn't feel too guilty for this later on then.
He had done his best to repress the transformation and restrict it to his arms. The rest of him remained very human, and just as vulnerable. So as she hacked and slashed at him, he merely lifted his head and gave her a small and pitiful smile. Her claws cut through his neck like a hot knife through butter.
There was blood of course. That was expected as he fell to his knees, arms limp at his sides. His eyes, which had always remained so kind through their conversations, now were dull and fading to appear more like marbles. Too soon, the light was gone. The great wolf of London was dead, slumping into the dirt without a shred of grace or dignity left in him.
There was at first a silence all around. Then an explosion of cheers and jeers as winners and losers began to exchange money. It was too bad, some said, to see the end to this fight. Too bad the wolf man had not been able to transform before dying. Too bad.

<sarani-chan> Keelin's breaths came out heavy and harsh as her vision came back into focus. Her arms felt coated with something sticky and warm...and that was when she saw him. William, his throat slashed and his eyes empty. She could have sworn that she felt her heart resound with a loud crack. This...this couldn't be happening. Her legs trembled and finally buckled. She wasn't even aware that she was slipping from her feral form. Her wide eyes could only linger on his face, and those empty eyes that had looked at her with nothing but kindness...

<InuMeister>As was the norm, the heaviest and cruelest of men fell into the ring behind her to take her back to her cell, weapons of silver at the ready should she resist. Harsh hands gripped her and began to haul her away. At the same instance, other men filtered around William's body. Some scoffed, shaking their heads in disgust as he was the cause for their loss of money. A few kicks were given to make sure he was dead, and out of resentment. They shouldn't have bothered. The man was long gone, and didn't so much as twitch. His form was dragged in the opposite direction to be disposed of, just like any other piece of trash.
Swiftly Keelin was brought back below the large ring and without so much as a pat on the back was harshly stuffed into her cage, door slamming shut behind her. Only this time there was no one in the cage next to her. No one to assure her that the blood on her hands could easily be rubbed away and cleaned, that she would one day see the sun again.

<sarani-chan> Keelin was nearly dead-weight in her shock, the painful sense of numbness that spread throughout her body. She had tried for so long to build up her defenses against the world. To make herself unbreakable, she hadn't realized how lonely she was. Then William, with his intelligence, and his kindness, had moved as if Keelin hadn't spent her whole life building up walls for protection. He had made her feel human, after so long of being treated as livestock. As a monster. As a freak of nature born of one being's urges to create something that shouldn't exist.
The slam of the cage was like a gunshot. It jolted Keelin out of her grief and into reality. A reality that she wanted so badly to be free from. Life returned to her limbs in a white hot anger and she screamed. She rammed the bars. Red splattered from her hands to the floor, and bruises formed on her skin. She screamed for William, for herself, and the family she would never see again.
Hours later, Keelin was completely spent. Back in human form and curled up on top of the few rags of cloth that were occasionally provided. She stared blankly at the gaps in the bars, ignoring the sting of bruises on her body, the feeling of her throat screamed silent, and her own aching heart.

<InuMeister>Perhaps the most painful thing of all was how the world continued to move onward without even so much as a sign that her friend had passed and she was suffering. The matches continued. The fighting continued. The other howls and screams of beasts continued. The cruel world that had become her own continued on and on, without an end in sight.
For the moment anyhow. A loud crashing and crunching sound could be heard. Whatever it was, it was out of her line of sight. Yelling could be heard though, along with snarls and savage growling. This happened from time to time. A beast got loose or tried to bust out. They were always subdued swiftly though. Only this time... The sounds weren't diminishing quickly. In fact, they only grew louder as the beast came closer and closer.
It was a werewolf, there was no doubt about that as its bulky force pushed and shoved through the rows of cages, snarling and halfway howling as it went. Bright green eyes darted towards her cage. The beast seemed to debate if she was worth eating, twitching towards her cell and crouching low to peer at her with a growl rumbling in its chest, Only it wasn't a growl. It was a chuckle. And he wasn't bearing his teeth, he was smiling. And those eyes sure looked familiar as they twinkled with hidden wisdom...

<sarani-chan> Keelin blankly stared back for several moments. Then realization struck her as if she'd been poked with a cattle prod, a spasm running along her entire body before she slammed herself against the bars. Her eyes were wide in disbelief. Her mouth opened, but it took a few tries for words to come out. Finally she managed a single, hoarse word. "...William?" She had never seen William's more primal form, but she would be damned if it was anyone else.

<InuMeister>The growling grew a bit louder as his smile did too. There she was, she got it. His eyes seemed to convey the words for him. 'Did you miss me?' He was far bigger than other wolves. Bringing his hand up, the fingers curled into razors that easily made mincemeat out of the cage bars to the side of the ones she pressed against. Reaching inward, he gently plucked her from the ground and moved her to his back. He huffed, wishing for her to hold herself on as he released her and glanced back. They didn't have much time for reunions. The arena guards were behind them, and he could detect signs of guns. He lurched forward, placing himself onto four legs to move swifter. They never had a chance. Guard, cage, door, or wall, he easily pressed himself through in a shower of cement and earth, shielding Keelin from it before moving on. Gradually, they were moving upward through the tunnels. He was making good of his promise it seemed.

<sarani-chan> Keelin could only watch on in stunned silence as William made quick work of her cage. A few moments later and she found herself pressed against his back. She carefully wrapped her arms around him and wound her fingers in the fur for a better grip. "You better have a damn good story when we get outta here," Keelin finally rasped at him before pressing her face into the werewolf's fur. Everything else after that turned into a blur of destruction. The next time she glanced up, there was nothing but the two of them and the sloping tunnels around them. "...I thought you were dead, you asshole." There wasn't any of her usual bite in the words.

<InuMeister>A whine worked its way through his large throat, ears swiveling to press against his head. Yes, he knew she would think that... She had to think that. He would explain soon. He regretted playing with her emotions so, he really did. But it had to be done.
His paces grew longer as he saw the end of the tunnel, loosely guarded by two men. The difference here was, they already held guns. Just in time, he jerked himself to the side to avoid the whizzing of a bullet as it burst through the air. He grimaced, growling as he felt the sting of the air. That had been too close...
He thought fast. He couldn't afford to have Keelin be hurt. But he needed to get through the gate. Two guards with guns were their only obstacle to him filling his promise. He would show her the sun again. Grinding his sharpened teeth, the beast man lurched forward with a howl ripping forth from his chest. He was able to avoid most of the damage, which surprised many for a creature of his size. Not all though, as he felt the pain and burning of silver biting into his shoulder. It was necessary though as he used himself as a shield for Keelin. At last he arrived and with two easy swipes, the guards were down. And they were out the door in a shower of splinters.
The somewhat filled moon smiled down at them, as if she had been waiting for them all this time. All at once, William's senses were overwhelmed by the smells of the forest. Of the wind, of the soil, of a stream further away. He wished to stop and admire the freshness after being forced to smell sweating and bloody bodies crammed together in a small space. No time. The entrance to the tunnel was right behind them, and anyone could come after them. He hurried, ignoring wounds and the smell of blood as he did so.
The water he had picked up on was his best bet. Indeed, as the horrors of the underground ring faded behind them he picked up on the sound of a stream. Slowing, at last satisfied they were safe, the wolf man broke from the cover of trees to kneel beside the swiftly moving liquid. He shook Keelin slightly to dislodge her. With a large gust of wind from his lungs, his form quivered and melted away.
His wounds ached more so now. Bare, he reached for his ankle where he had been able to wrap a pair of britches. Undoing the knot he fumbled to slide them on but did so. No matter the situation, there was no need for indecency. Sitting down he finally smoothed away his wild mane of hair to turn and look towards Keelin, concern on his face. "Are you alright? Did any of the bullets graze you?"

<sarani-chan> Keelin allowed herself to be dislodged, her bare feet making hardly a sound as they touched the ground. She didn't answer William for several moments. She was too busy looking around with an expression of surprised awe. The ends of her tangled mane of hair caught in a breeze that caressed her skin for the first time in years. "I..." Keelin took several tries to get the words out. "I'm fine." She turned to look at William. "I can smell you bleeding though..."

<InuMeister>"It's nothing." He insisted at once. He would dig out the bullets later. The bullets would stay and the wounds wouldn't heal for a while. Silver was annoying like that. He smiled. She seemed happy... good. He had delivered on his promise. His expression softened somewhat as he remained where he sat. He could surely feel his years now... "I'm sorry that I had to scare you into thinking... I apologize for any pain... I had no choice. Otherwise you might have been killed. It presented a unique opportunity to me at least which allowed me to finally break away from that condemned place."

<sarani-chan> Keelin silently crouched down and dipped her hands into the water. Blood and filth started to wash away slowly in the current. "...You looked dead," she finally said. Her voice cracked. As dead as any other opponent she had ever gone against. For a while she had thought that she had simply grown used to the weight of death on her conscience. At least until William's blood had turned up on her hands. Just the memory of it caused her to scrub them together where they were still submerged in the water.

<InuMeister>Ah... there it was. The cracking of the voice. The slouching of the shoulders. She acted strong, but he had her warm up to him... to only pull a stunt like that.
His hand moved up to graze over his neck. Not a scratch from the wound that had seemingly ended his life remained. "I know..." He murmured lowly. With a groan he pushed himself up and moved towards the water. Water sounded good. Being clean sounded good. Wading into it, he gave a small shiver. Cold. Moving to sit down and allow it to wash away his own filth, he explained as carefully as he could. "I... will not explain fully. It is not fair, I know, but I cannot. To make it simple, I am under orders to remain alive. Thus, my body heals faster and even when death has me for the most part... I am pulled back. It's very difficult to kill me and have me remain dead." He didn't want to speak of such things anymore. Instead he lifted an arm and with a small smile, splashed her from where he sat in the water. "And I believe you need a bath as badly as I. Not just your hands."

<sarani-chan> Keelin watched him wade into the water, her eyes intent on him as she listened. She had heard that werewolves had to follow the orders of any individual who could be considered their master, but she didn't know that it could be taken so extremely far. It was times like this that made her glad for being a freak of nature that tromped on normal standards. So far most vampires had a hard time getting their nasty hooks into her brain. "...that sounds like it sucks," she finally admitted when William finished his story, only to squeal and stumble backwards as he splashed her. Her expression made her look every bit like a disgruntled cat.

<InuMeister>This only caused him to smile again and chuckle. It was nice to be so lighthearted and carefree after that time down there...
He reached over his shoulder and submerged himself as he began to cleanly cut the bullets, grimacing as he did so. Still, he was able to speak clearly as he looked towards her. "You'll be needing a bath soon anyway if we are to go into a town. I suppose we could hang around this country for a while... We'll need food and clothes. Stealing is appalling, but if we must, we shall."

<sarani-chan> Keelin made a face at that, eyeing the water in front of her with limited enthusiasm. "...I guess..." She couldn't remember the last time she had an actual bath. Back in the rings the handlers would just spray all over the place with the hose when it got too smelly. She hated that hose with a burning passion. With cautious movements, Keelin inched closer to the edge of the water and stuck in one of her hands.

<InuMeister>William lifted a brow somewhat. Was this because she was a cat? He had already gotten most of his bullets. He would worry for wounds later. Wading forward, he reached out and carefully took her. With a gentle smile he began to pull her into the water. "Come now. I promise, I won't let anything bad happen." Never again to the poor young one if he could help it. And maybe, just maybe, he could help her enjoy life and lower her guard to others too.

<sarani-chan> Keelin stiffened ever so slightly in surprise, but reluctantly allowed herself to be eased into the water. The water wasn't super cold, though it could definitely be said that it wasn't a hot spring either. "...It's cold." Keelin made a displeased noise and hunched over slightly. The tips of her hair fell into the water and instantly started to shed accumulated grime. "I hope other baths are warmer."

<InuMeister>"We'll have warm water soon..." William promised her as he let her go and had to hide a smile. Yes, she was indeed a true feline. Cupping the water in his hands, he assisted with rinsing her off and coaxing her to clean herself as best she could. Moving back to the bank after he was sure they had gotten rid of a majority of the filth, he was able to gather soft leaves for bedding for the night. They would move in the morning, he told Keelin, and get as far away from the ring as they could. He told her to sleep and would keep watch, taking no argument.
Shamefully, he was unable to do so for too long. His wounds had taken a toll on him. He was tired, and he had stepped halfway into death. His head began to bob down from where he sat with his back against the trunk of a tree.

<sarani-chan> Keelin had grudgingly done her best to clean with what they had. By the time they were done, her rust colored hair had turned a brilliant orange, and whatever skin wasn't covered with scars and bruises allowed a smattering of freckles to peer through from underneath the dirt. She assisted William with collecting bedding, insisting that she was perfectly capable of helping. It wasn't long after curling up that she found herself drifting off. The silence punctuated by nature's sounds was a far cry from the near constant screams of the hell the pair of them came from....

It was several hours later that William would find himself being gently prodded. "Hello? Are you alive in there?" Another poke came along.
"Sir..." A new voice gave a long-suffering sigh. "I don't think that's a good way to wake him up..."

<InuMeister>Indeed it wasn't.
William alternated between being a heavy sleeper and a light sleeper. Heavy, as he could sleep through storms and screams from cages. Light because if anything directly touched him, he would react quickly and at times violently. This was no exception. His dreamless sleep was broken by something jabbing into him. On instinct, fur and claws sprouted along his arm as he reached out to grasp whatever it was, a mouth full of sharp teeth snarling. His eyes shot open, the world taking a moment before jumping into focus. He at once thought the worse. Had the fighting ring come after them? They would have one hell of a fight on their hands if they thought they would be able to take him alive or touch Keelin.

<sarani-chan>William found his sight met by two young men who looked a far cry from the handlers of the fighting ring. They were dressed in light coats meant for evening walks, and carried no weaponry to speak of. One held the stick that the werewolf was now grasping. He turned back to his companion, the moonlight glinting off of his oval-shaped glasses. "And that's why you wake a werewolf carefully, Tristan. I prefer to keep all my limbs intact." He turned back towards William with a smile on his face. "Hello there! I apologize for the rude awakening, Sir."
Somewhere off to the side, the commotion finally caused Keelin to wake with a start. She slurred half-formed curses as she quickly rose into a sitting position. "Who'da fuck are you guys?”

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<sarani-chan-chan> William found his sight met by two strangers who appeared to be a far cry from the cruel fight ring handlers. A plump young woman and a thin-looking man, both dressed in light coats meant for evening walks.
The woman held the stick that William was currently grasping. She turned back towards her male companion , the moonlight glinting off her oval-shaped glasses. “And that's why you wake a werewolf carefully, Iseul. I prefer to keep all of my limbs intact.” She turned back towards the two werecreatures with a smile that caused her round cheeks to dimple slightly. “Hello there! I apologize for the rude awakening, Sir.”

<InuMeister>William's head caught up with his body. He didn't move for a moment, eyes narrowed at the two. He was no rash man though. They seemed innocent enough... Only, he also wasn't naive. It was usually the innocent that proved to be tricksters of the dangerous kind. He took in their smell. Yes, there were typical smells here.. No blood clung to them or other scents that would give off warning bells. Carefully he released the stick, allowing his form to completely slip back into his human form. He looked towards Keelin and called, "It's alright, Keelin... They are not enemies." And it seemed they had knowledge of the supernatural, seeing as one mentioned William being a werewolf so calmly and the other didn't seem too worried after he had shifted somewhat. William pushed himself to his feet, silently scolding himself for falling asleep as he asked, "Who are you...?"

<sarani-chan>The man gently tossed the stick aside and held up his hand as he walked forward. "My name is Ruya, and I would like to help you get a jump-start on your new lives!" As he grinned, sharp teeth gave off a dull shine in the low lighting.
Keelin got to her feet and was instantly on alert. This guy wasn't a ring handler, but it could be just as bad. "...You're a vamp, ain't ya?"
Ruya gave a happy nod. "You're sharp! I'm glad I decided to help. It would have been a terrible waste of potential..."

<InuMeister> Ah how had William missed that scent? Perhaps his time underground had dulled his senses. At once however he felt a surge of distaste. He counted himself as a gentleman. He treated many people as equals. Not vampires though. They only caused trouble. His lip twitched as he felt a low growl building in his chest, drawing himself to his full height. He decided right away he didn't like the way the man said 'a terrible waste of potential'. Oh yes... potential for a vampire to use? No thank you. "Help? And what do you know of us...?" William's tone was a bit sharper than normal, wariness and cautious in his eyes. Had this vamp been following them? How else would he know they were trying to start 'new lives'?

<sarani-chan> Ruya blinked and adjusted his glasses with one hand. "Weeell--"
Tristan, his companion, abruptly cut him off as he stepped between William and Ruya. "Sir, you're just going to make them hate you more." He turned towards the werewolf with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry....He's a little..." One hand reached up to comb through his light brown hair as he searched for a word. "He's meddlesome, but he has good intentions. So, before he botches this to kingdom come and back I'll just go ahead and explain."
"Awww, you're no fun at all, Tristan!" The face Ruya wore was nothing short of a pout.
"Anyway," continued Tristan, pointedly ignoring the other vampire. "Long story short, his Dark Gift is prophecy, and he saw a vision of you two escaping tonight from the rings. He decided to come here and help you before they had a chance to find you and take you back."

<InuMeister>Aah... Yes, William knew all about their meddlesome Dark Gifts. This Tristan fellow seemed to be the level headed one out of the two. Still, William didn't trust him. They hadn't pried their way directly into William's mind though. Normally their kind tried to dig their way in and control one of his kind the minute they set eyes on them. William considered. They could be weaker vampires, and wanted to wait until his guard was down. This deal seemed too good to be true. And normally that meant it was a trap. Carefully he spoke. "I do not mean to sound ungrateful... but you must understand that we must be careful. What guarantee do I have that we can trust you?"

<sarani-chan> Tristan gave an understanding nod. "Of course." He scratched his head. "Although...I'm not really sure how we can guarantee you would be safe aside from our promised word. While I would be the first to say that you can trust it...I wouldn't blame you if you didn't." He smiled encouragingly. "Just believe me when I say vampires aren't all manipulative weasels, just the same as how werewolves aren't all unintelligent beasts."
"Either way, we won't be able to stay out here much longer if we want to get back before daybreak," piped up Ruya from behind Tristan. He peered at Keelin and William from over the taller vampire's shoulder. "You know, the whole 'catching fire in the sun' thing can be troublesome when it comes to traveling..."
Keelin made a face. She didn't know much about vampires, but she would have been leery about nearly anyone that just showed up out of the night and offered to help them.

<InuMeister>Though this Tristan made a good point... William's distrust for them ran deep. Right. Their weakness to sunlight. He supposed if worse came to worse he might be able to fight them... He glanced towards Keelin. They seemed to be their best bet. He wouldn't decide for her though. "Keelin?" His eyes gave the message he wouldn't say. Would she like to go with them? He would support her if she did, or didn't. He wouldn't abandon her.

<sarani-chan> Keelin nibbled on her lip. On the one hand, this could be a really bad idea. It could lead off into a bunch of really bad scenarios. On the other, this was a one-in-a-million chance. They wouldn't have to completely start from scratch.
It seemed that even if her mind wasn't made up, her stomach wanted to make the decision for her. A loud and extremely obnoxious gurgling noise permeated the night. The rations from back in the ring felt like years ago. "...You got food that ain't blood?"
Tristan chuckled. "Yes we do. Ruya has two human familiars, so we keep our pantry stocked."
"If we get dinner then I don't see why not." Keelin wouldn't have second thoughts about tearing their throats out if her gamble turned out to be the wrong one though.

<InuMeister> Ah... of course. Food. William, had out of practice, had forgotten about his own hunger.
He hoped she hadn't chosen this strictly out of hunger. Well... Even if she had, he couldn't blame her. He turned his head towards them and nodded. "Let's go then." He paused and glanced towards Keelin, remembering her bareness. He hoped if they were going somewhere public they had a blanket, or at least take a backway to get there. Werebeasts or not, it was simply not proper for a young lady to be seen in such a way.

<sarani-chan> Ruya clapped his hands together. "Alright, then let us be off!" He turned and led them back the way the two had come.
Tristan seemed to catch onto William's concern as they started walking down an animal trail. He dug around in the pocket of his jacket, pulling out a wallet, a phone and a small key-chain before shedding the article of clothing and holding it out to the pair of them. "Here you go. We're going to a more populated area, so this will at least keep people from staring..." He gestured to Keelin with a small smile.

<InuMeister>William paused before nodding. "Thank you." He spoke, truly appreciating the gesture as he took the clothing and draped it around Keelin's shoulders. William at least had something on, and might get a few stares, but wouldn't be locked away for public indecency. As they moved, William attempted to be civil and strike up conversation. "Where are we going...? One of your homes? Also... what year is it?" He wanted to know how long he had been in there.

<sarani-chan> "You're welcome," replied Tristan sincerely. His smile widened for a moment before he answered. "We live in the city a few hours out from here, above a shop we run." The inquiry about a year seemed to faze him just a little, as he blinked a moment before relying. "The year is 2014."
Keelin pulled the jacket a little more closely around herself as she listened. It wasn't long before a deserted country road came into view, with a vehicle that was parked off on the shoulder. Tristan pointed his key chain at the vehicle and pressed a button. There was a click and a short beeping noise that made Keelin jump ever so slightly. Ruya was already sliding into the passenger seat, but Tristan stopped to open one of the back doors for the other two before heading for the driver's side.

<InuMeister>How long had it been since he had been inside a car? Gesturing for Keelin to move in first, William closed the door behind them. The sounds of the car were unsettling to his sensitive ears. He looked towards Keelin. With a small smile he leaned a bit closer. "How are you holding up...?" He was... he supposed excited to see civilization again. "Soon we will have hot water, opportunities... books." Glorious books. He had a lot of reading time to make up for.

<sarani-chan> Tristan put the car out of park, and soon enough they were trundling along down the road. Trees and the occasional house flashed past, and the quiet sounds of an orchestra could be heard from the radio. Ruya tapped away at a phone that he pulled out of his coat, content to let their two passengers in the back do their own thing.
Keelin turned away from the passing scenery and looked to William with a shrug. "Alright I guess...." She remembered falling asleep in the car when she was really small, listening to the sounds of the radio and the quiet conversations of her family. "Been in cars before, so I ain't nervous or nothin'..." Though her sensitive hearing brought a whole new volley of sounds that she hadn't been expecting. "What sorta stuff do you read?"

<InuMeister> He settled back into the seat with a faint smile, thinking back. "Well... I am from a different time. I studied many subjects and the books were written differently. But..." His smile turned sheepish and he placed a hand onto his chest. He dropped his voice, but it wouldn't really do any good in a car full of supernaturals. "I am a romantic at heart. Love stories are my favorite. Tales of danger, but in the end, love triumphs." He seemed embarrassed and changed subjects. "Yourself?"

<sarani-chan> Keelin blinked, surprised at the conversation being abruptly directed at her. "...I dunno. Never really had many chances to do a lot of reading..." She directed her gaze back to the window with a small shrug. "I don't remember much before being turned into this, but I know I wasn't in school at the time, so...." And the handlers didn't need their livestock to be literate in order to make money. William could probably guess what she was getting at. He was a smart man.

<InuMeister> Indeed he was and easily picked up on what she was saying.
He frowned somewhat as he sat back against the seat, quiet. She had never learned to read then. That was... almost tragic. Books were amazing things. Great tools for the mind, in both imagination and information. How would she ever educate herself? Ah... but of course. With a secretive smile, William glanced towards her. Off-handedly he commented, "Well then, our first lessons will be teaching you to read and write then. We'll begin with the alphabet in English, then Latin..." And maybe a few other languages if they had time.

<sarani-chan> Keelin's head turned around so fast she nearly got whiplash. "Wha...?" Her eyes were wide as she processed exactly what William had said. "What're want to teach me how to read and write...?" Even saying it aloud didn't make it anymore believable to her ears, and she continued to gape at him like a fish out of water.

<InuMeister> He calmly met her gaze with his professional expression in place. "Well of course. Why? Is something the matter?" It was difficult to not crack a grin at her expression. With some self control he added, "Do you think I'm not wise enough to teach you? I did study for many years to become a professor. But if you have so little faith in my abilities, I could possibly arrange for someone else."
He was baiting her this time, and gave a small smile at last, eyes shining with that bit of knowing light they always seemed to possess.

<sarani-chan> "No!" Keelin surprised herself with her own outburst. Instantly her face started to turn a healthy shade of red. "I-I's whatever...You don't have to find someone else teach me..." She caught his grin and huffed at him, crossing her arms and trying to put on her usual tough front. It only worked so well when her face nearly matched her hair. "'s not like I'll have anything better to do with my time for a while, anyways..."

<InuMeister>Ah perfect, just as he'd wanted. His smile grew a bit bigger. He would teach her many things. Not only reading and writing, but fighting. And he wasn't sure if her shifting was like his own... but he could teach her a few tricks there too perhaps. Calmly he commented, "Best cool your face, Keelin, or you'll grow ill." With that he leaned forward and asked, "How far is it until we arrive?"

<sarani-chan> "Let's see...actually we should be there within a half hour or so," Tristan estimated after a few moments. "Thank goodness for light evening traffic..."
Ruya yawned and stretched from his spot in the passenger seat. "No kidding...I'll definitely be ready for a nap come daytime!"

Sure enough, time passed, and by now city lights were flashing outside the window. Things quieted down again as they drove down a street full of shops that would most likely be busting first thing in the morning. At this late hour, only a few lights were on. Among them was a store with a sign that read Clarence's Curios above the shop's wide windows. Tristan turned them off into a small side street, where small parking lots could be used for visitors and anyone who preferred to live above their place of business. "Here we are." The vampire put them into park and turned off the vehicle. "Home sweet home."
Ruya led them to the door, knocking before letting himself in. "We're home!" The door opened to reveal a short hallway. Straight ahead seemed to lead towards the store itself, while steps could be seen heading upstairs. Another closed door that led presumably to the basement was directly across from it.
"We'll get you settled in our guest room," said Tristan as they headed up the stairs. "The bed might be a little small though...sorry about that."

<InuMeister> Everything was pleasant to William's eyes. It was as if a great weight had fallen off his shoulders and been replaced with something else. Contentment, and happiness... Freedom. And it was all the sweeter as the freedom was shared with another that deserved it.
William took in their temporary home and actually found himself giving a smile. "Keelin may have the bed. I am more comfortable on the ground..." Old habits he supposed. He wondered about their two hosts. There were others they said? Familiars and perhaps other Nocturnals... William pondered how long to remain. He would stay for now, yes, to teach Keelin what he could but in time he needed to go and finish his own quest.

<sarani-chan> The door at the top of the stairs opened to reveal a modestly but nicely furnished living room, separated from a small kitchenette by a counter containing several stools. An olive-skinned teenage girl in a knitted sweater and brown hair in two braids looked up from where she was reading a book on one of the armchairs. Her calm, dark eyes surveyed the new arrivals for a moment. "Welcome back."
Ruya grinned. "Good to be home! Soledad, this is William and Keelin, the two we went out to pick up." He paused and looked around. "I'm guessing Celio is in the bedroom?" Soledad nodded. "That boy and his electronics..." He pointed across the room to a hallway. "Anyway, that hall leads to the bedrooms and the bathroom. Tristan and I prefer to room in the basement to avoid any daylight issues. Plus there's more space."

<InuMeister> William nodded. That made sense. He turned his head towards the new person and placed his hand to his waist, giving an old fashioned bow. "Hello." He took note of all the vampire said, making a mental map in the back of his mind in case he would need to get out quickly. Was this one of the familiar's? This entire ordeal had stirred within him mixed feelings. He was a master at hiding inner conflict however and kept his expression smooth. They seemed to mean no harm so he would behave. He glanced towards Keelin, attempting to read her and see how she was reacting to the situation.

<sarani-chan> Keelin's nostrils were flared as she took in the scents of the place. It was a strange mixture of new and old things. Her eyes glanced around, wary of her new surroundings. It wasn't that she felt threatened...but the atmosphere was so different from the sort of places she was used to, she just felt so out of place.
"You two are welcome to use the bathroom to clean yourselves up," said Tristan. "It won't be hard to find you some other clothes as well..." He took a moment to look over William, who was clearly more built then either of the vampires. "...Though I'm not sure how well either of our shirts would fit you..." The man let out a small chuckle.

<InuMeister> William smiled a bit to himself and reached over, giving Keelin's shoulder a light and reassuring squeeze. He knew how she felt. At the mention of getting him clothes, William glanced down at the scraps he wore. Ah yes... that would be difficult to fit into anything they had. He squinted his eyes somewhat. He disliked it, but he supposed he could 'borrow 'clothing from a store. He would return the money next time he could... But he wasn't going to ask for money. "I will acquire them in my own fashion." He gestured towards the direction they had indicated the bathing rooms and gave Keelin a small smile. "I imagine we are not pleasant to the nose. Please, go and clean. I will return with new clothes and do so after you."

<sarani-chan> Keelin blinked in surprise at the contact and looked to William, though she did manage to visibly relax. She grimaced at the mention of getting clean again but nodded. At least it would be warm this time. "Okay..." And without batting an eyelash she promptly shed the coat and returned it to a surprised and slightly embarrassed Tristan. "Thanks for the loaner," she muttered as she made her way down the hall. Never let it be said that she never knew any manners. It took two tries to find the bathroom, and several more before she could figure out how the knobs for the water worked. Keelin had to admit, it was much more pleasant to get clean this time around now that the water was warm...

Meanwhile, Tristan had gone about getting everyone else in the home to be good hosts. He requested that Soledad find Keelin some pajamas that would fit her until some other clothes could be procured, and then had Ruya go and ensure the guest room was aired out and ready for guests. Tristan himself went about and started setting out cookware and taking out ingredients from the cupboards. "It won't be much, but I do remember Miss Keelin asking for food," said Tristan as he placed a pot of water on the stove and turned the burner on. "Soledad, tell Celio to come out here and help me cook! We have more people to feed then usual!"

<InuMeister> William thanked the people for their hospitality and excused himself, slipping from the home without anyone making too much of a fuss.
He had again been making maps in the back of his head and thought he had spotted a store not too far away from here, but far enough...
He was able to acquire decent enough clothing. He wouldn't take anything too fancy. Though it was more to his taste to wear gentleman's clothing, he would steal clothing that's value was far less. The clothing was average and still a bit snug, but it worked as he tucked away a few spare clothes under his arm and moved back. Before anyone could miss him for too long he had returned and offered to be of assistance in the kitchen. He had been all around the world and learned many ways to cook, so perhaps he could assist.

<sarani-chan> "Ah, yes thank you," replied Tristan with a smile. He went about asking William to chop some vegetables and retrieve another pot from the cupboard.
A squeal followed by a slamming door could abruptly be heard down the hallway. A young boy with a face so similar to Soledad's that the two had to be related popped into view shortly after, his eyes wide and his face red. "I think I met one of the guests," he mumbled as he moved around the counter. He started taking out plates and silverware.
"That's why I always tell you to knock before entering the bathroom, Celio," chided Tristan gently, shooting Ruya a look when he started snickering.
Keelin appeared shortly after, her hair damp and a mildly disgruntled look on her face. Nevertheless, she looked clean and was now clad in a long nightshirt and loose pants.

<InuMeister> William's spine stiffened at the shriek, jumping at the sound. Had they been tricked? Was someone hurt? Wha- Oh... he saw. He frowned lightly but otherwise kept his mouth shut. No need to scold the boy, he seemed to know what he had done was wrong.
He went back to working the kitchen and doing what he could.
When Keelin appeared he turned to greet her. She looked... like a wet cat. She would have gotten a lot of her filth off in the river, as he did too, but a warm and hot bath would wash away every last trace of that terrible place. He would bathe himself later. So were these two... Soledad and Celio, siblings? Perhaps At one point William had to step out for a moment, apologizing that the many smells of the kitchen were too much for his nose. In truth, it was that and the fact that there were far too many people. Sitting himself down in a chair in a separate room, he ran a hand through his hair. He supposed... He would have to grow accustomed again to people. As it seemed he and Keelin were only just beginning their adventure here.
The Nocturnal Fight Rings
Saved role play with InuBases in a universe inspired by :iconcross-agency:

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